New Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Joe Torre Needs A Cap That Fits

IT’S ABOUT TIME JOE TORRE FINDS A NEW HABERDASHER: Joe Torre’s finally the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Here he is all smiles at the official press conference held on Tuesday:

Joe Torre Dodgers hat

We do have one request to the McCourts in regard to their new employee - will someone get this guy a hat that fits?Seriously, look how it just seems to float above his head. Is he making Jiffy Pop under there?

We know how Joe spent 12 seasons with a Yankees cap precariously balanced on his chrome dome. And we realize how tight money is in the Bronx, what with a $200 million payroll and having to deduct the cost of meals from their coaches’ paychecks.

Joe Torre

But can anyone in Chavez Ravine dole out 25 bucks for a correctly fitted cap? Let him try on a few sizes. Or let the good people at New Era scientifically design Torre a new lid.Or maybe he should try wearing it backward. Then he’d be as stylin’ as Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst - someone we all aspire to be.

Fred Durst Limp Bizkit

On second thought, forget it.