49ers Offer Ancient History Class For 8-Year-Olds

The blog Dodgy at Best has a photo of two eight-year-olds outside The Stick last Sunday:

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49ers Fan Dies After 20-Foot Fall At Monster Park

49ERS FAN DIES AFTER 20-FOOT PLUNGE AT MONSTER PARK: A San Francisco 49ers fan died during Sunday’s game after falling 20 feet from his seats onto concrete:

San Francisco 49ers stadium

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE reports that the 31-year-old was jumping onto a wall at Monster Park’s upper concourse level, when he misjudged his leap and plummeted to the mezzanine level below.Paramedics arrived and worked on the fan for 30 minutes, but he was soon pronounced dead at the scene.

The 4-foot-high wall has a 4-inch sloping ledge, described by a team VP as a difficult spot to “place a drink on or sit on.” Considering the Niners’ record the past few seasons, the fan may have been looking for an escape.

Dumpster trash

It’s not the first time a 49ers fan’s folly resulted in snuffing it at the stadium. During a 1985 game, a fan was killed when he tried to ride a dumpster down a stadium ramp.