Candice Houlihan Now Dubbed The ‘Yankee Skank’

A-Rod’s stripping seductress Candice Houlihan reports that some Red Sox fans have now christened her the “Yankee Skank“.

Candice Houlihan Alex Rodriguez

• Reserve infielder Tony Pena Jr. might be the perfect antidote to the Royals’ pathetic pitching woes.

• The Boston writer who broke the story on the Pats’ videotaping the Rams before the Super Bowl is apparently now out of a job.

Charles Barkley helps out a busboy working his way through college.

• It only took 34 years for anyone to notice the scoring error etched on the Steelers’ NFL Championship rings.

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‘Yankee Skank’ Playing Head Games With A-Rod

As if poor little Alex Rodriguez did not already have enough to worry about — his divorce, playing baseball and being single & famous in New York City with $150 million $75 million to burn — here comes mildly famous stripper Candace Houlihan (again) telling the whole world about her involvement with the Yankee slugger.

A-Rod Candice Houlihan

The potentially libelous material — courtesy of HG at YOU BEEN BLINDED — reveals her nickname, given to her by Red Sox fans as she was climbing into a limo with A-Rod. It’s “Yankee Skank“, and it’s on “The Soup”.

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Wife: A-Rod Tapping Phones, Hiring Private Eyes

TMZ recently caught A-Rod and Shaq briefly meeting up Monday night at New York’s 40/40 Club. Wonder what was said between the two star athletes who are each experiencing marital problems. (Maybe O’Neal wanted to know why Rodriguez flaked on buying his house in Miami.)

Shaq ARod meet in club

Or maybe they were swapping advice on how to deal with a crumbling message. But if we were to believe Cynthia Rodriguez, A-Rod may have been asking how to better spy on a soon-to-be ex-wife. Read more…

Stripper Sexed Up A-Rod, Helped Sox Win Series

• A former stripper says she sexed up A-Rod & in her own way helped the Red Sox reverse their World Series curse.

A-Rod Candice Houlihan

• Could McDonald’s be rooting for China in the Olympics?

Michael Vick’s financial situation is really in the doghouse now.

Tiger Woods’ niece isn’t too shabby of a golfer, either.

• The Pittsburgh Steelers could be up for sale. Anyone have an extra $1.2 billion laying around?

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