DUI Won’t Stop Michael Phelps From Shilling Beer

• Anheuser-Busch is willing to dive into a marketing deal with Olympic star Michael Phelps, even though the swimmer has a DUI on his record.

Michael Phelps Budweiser Clamato

• A quarter of USC’s football players are jumped by a jock itch epidemic.

• One sore Swede slams his bronze medal to the mat after feeling wronged in his wrestling match.

• Toledo gets ready to welcome the second coming of Emeka Okafor.

• Canada’s still medal-less this summer? What’s that all aboot?

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O (For) Canada Still Looking For Elusive 1st Medal

We’re pretty spoiled here in America, as we not only get to live in the greatest country on Earth, but the people who live here are pretty talented, too. That’s why when you check out the medal counts in Beijing this summer, you’ll see the United States near the top of the board battling with host China (China’s edging America out 35 to 34 right now).

Canadian Flag

Apparently, though, all the talent and gifted athleticism that Americans are born with has as hard a time crossing the border into Canada as Osama Bin Laden carrying a ticking bag. We’re officially a week into the Olympics, and our neighbors to the north are yet to get on the board. Swimmer Mike Brown is the latest Canuck to let his country down.

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