Tony Mandarich’s Life Still Revolves Around Busts

On Canada Day, we feel it only right to celebrate a Canadian athlete made good, though perhaps not in a way that anyone expected 20 years ago. Tony Mandarich, whose legal name in the United States is not “NFL Bust Tony Mandarich” despite attempts by the City of Green Bay to force such a change, has turned a non-descript six-year career into a dream job.

Tony Mandarich's models

He now commutes between his native Ontario, Canada, and the Phoenix area and caters to the Mandarich Media Group. As ON 205TH points out (NSFW-ish?) a core business of the Mandarich Media Group is taking pictures of scantily-clad models (ditto-ish). Why couldn’t we convince Sports Illustrated to call us “The Incredible Bulk”?

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