Web Site Sells Camo Bibles, Hunting Christianity

Say you’re a good ol’ boy, a real hillbilly hunter. All you want to do is spend your weekends out in the woods, hiding behind a shelter with a six-pack case keg of beer while they wait for wild deer to come eat the free food you leave out for them … so you can shoot them. All of this sounds like a great life, but you were raised in a good old fashioned Baptist family, and you feel like drinking on a Sunday betrays the covenant between you and God that your parents spent so darn long building up (before they got divorced, of course). Well, worry no more! Now there’s a group you can join that will shepherd your outdoor adventures into the greater spirit of the lord!

camo bible

(CHRISTIAN OUTDOORSMAN: For all your camo bible needs.)

Meet CHRISTIAN OUTDOORSMAN, a web site dedicated to discussion, fellowship and, most clearly, selling sporting goods to avid hunters and fishermen who also happen to be avid bible thumpers. The convergence of faith and firearms is unique, though the two make more common bedfellows than one might initially imagine. After all, churches and hunting are both big in rural America.

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