Gray Area In Auburn Auction Of Cam BCS Pants?

Cam Newton’s game-worn football pants from the BCS National Championship Game are being auctioned off on the official Auburn University athletic department website.

Cam Newton Game-Worn Pants Being Auctioned

(Poor lighting why Cam’s pants don’t look white?)


This pair of authentic Auburn football pants was worn by Heisman Trophy winner and 2011 NFL #1 Overall Draft Pick Cam Newton in the BCS National Championship game on January 10, 2011 in Glendale, AZ. The inside waistband of the pants is marked with Newton’s locker number (102) and the outside of the pants still retain grass stains from the game. This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Auburn Athletics Department.”

But didn’t Newton wear white pants during the game?

Cam Newton White Pants

Or are the pants actually white, with the photo subject to extremely poor lighting and/or processing?

At any rate, at any other school, a Heisman Trophy winner’s national championship slacks would certainly be the fanciest pants on campus.

But Auburn isn’t just any other school.

Pat Dye's pants being auctioned off

Instead, it’s pants that belong to Pat Dye - recovered from Lake Martin a few years ago - that’ll forever garner the most acclaim on The Plains.

So … you won’t catch Auburn auctioning off a piece of that great sports moment for a measly three figures.

Pat Dye's pants being auctioned off

(Full-size image for your convenience)

Opening bid for Coach Dye’s infamous britches: $50,000,000. (Too high? Try talking down former Colonial Bank shareholders.)


“This pair of authentic, lake-worn Auburn pants was worn by former AU head football coach Pat Dye. You are also bidding on the contents of Coach Dye’s pants pockets, which include: Half-pint bottle of Ancient Age (empty), a Cam Newton bottle cap keychain, a satellite phone (Interpol registration expired) certified to be untappable (inside Lee County lines only) and a wallet. The items come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the late [name identified upon purchase] night manager of the Phenix City Econo Lodge. (Now closed.)”

Pat Dye's wallet

A little short?

Umm. Uh, gotta Cheerwine?

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