We’ve Got Cam Cameron’s Favorite Potluck Dish

We’ve never been one for internet chats with mega-celebrities, like the MIAMI HERALD’s Dan Le Batard, but apparently we really should’ve considered spending New Year’s Eve with Le Batard on the Herald’s website. Highlights:

Dan LeBatard Chat

In the span of two questions, Le Batard reminds us of his prowess with the fairer sex, at least when Harold Reynolds isn’t around. And then a Dolphins fan comes up with an amusing nickname for Bill Parcells: “Tuna Asserhole“. We’re positive Le Batard will not pass that off as his own in short order.

We suppose it could’ve been worse. Le Batard could’ve started imagining Bill Parcells spending Christmas alone in his underwear. Oh, wait …

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Cam Cameron Firing Fails To Warm Up South Fla.

The MIAMI HERALD has the news this morning that Cam Cameron has been fired by Bill Parcells.

Cam Cameron Fired Doesn't Warm Up Miami

More notably, apparently the firing has done nothing to warm up bone-chilling temps in South Florida.

Armando Salguero of the Herald also reports two members of Cameron’s coaching staff, George Edwards and Steve Hoffman, survived Tuna’s firing squad because they formerly worked with new Miami GM Jeff Ireland in Dallas.

Report: Blame The Bloggers On Cameron’s Ouster

The MIAMI HERALD has details today on the bloodbath ensuing this week at the Miami Dolphins’ offices. Bill Parcells already has told “several low-rung Dolphins staffers have been told to show up early for work Monday to clean out other people’s offices throughout the Dolphins’ facility.”

Computer In Water

Both GM Randy Mueller, who was seen leaving Dolphins Stadium before the end of Miami’s 38-25 loss to the Bengals Sunday, and Coach Cam Cameron are toast.

The Herald details a bizarre concern The Tuna has about Cameron: “Parcells apparently told (Wayne) Huizenga he has heard stories about Cameron spending some of his time monitoring the team’s website to make sure the players are being asked the right questions by club-employed reporters. Cameron also wanted to make sure the players were giving the right answers.

Parcells told Huizenga he doesn’t want a coach that is worried about blogs or website interviews. He wants a tough-minded, hard-driven football man who is more concerned with football than facade.”

And to think we thought bloggers were only responsible for plague, pestilence and world hunger. You can add another global concern to the list.

Michigan Interested In Dolphins’ Cam Cameron

TIME FOR MICHIGAN FAITHFUL TO MAN THE LIFEBOATS?: PRO FOOTBALL TALK, the greatest site without permalinks in the history of the internet, recently reported that Michigan’s master boater and Athletic Director Bill Martinwants to pursue Dolphins coach Cam Cameron, if Cameron is fired.”

Michigan Has Interest In Cam Cameron?

This comes on the heels of the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL previously reporting that Cameron had no interest in the job (of course at least while he’s somehow gainfully employed as Miami Dolphins coach). Cameron is a former longtime assistant at Ann Arbor, and spent five glorious seasons as head coach of Indiana (18-37 record).

Cam Cameron Denies Interest In Michigan Job

More PFT: “the pitiful performance of the Dolphins under Cameron apparently is making the former Chargers offensive coordinator a hard sell to alumni and boosters” but “Martin believes that Cameron’s 0-13 (and counting) performance in his first year as an NFL head coach is an aberration.

Lusitania Michigan Football

With judgement like that, the Michigan AD will have the Wolves looking like the Lusitania in no time.