Digger Phelps Dances. And Dances. And Dances.

And you thought snapping UCLA’s 88-game winning streak was Digger Phelps’ greatest moment on a basketball court?:

Digger Phelps Dances And Dances And Dances

(Video after the jump)

Many have said over the years that Phelps is the worst basketball analyst on television. I hope those same folks watched Bob Knight clog up ESPN’s Cal-UCLA telecast last Saturday night. Read more…

Speed Read: MSG Hosts “LeBron Welcome Night”

Is it going to be like this for the next year and a half? Every NBA team with cap space rolling out the red carpet for LeBron James like it’s a recruiting trip and he’s Johnny Walker. Last night was the Knicks’ turn to playing willing host, both figuratively and literally - the fans gave him a hero’s welcome, and the team played their role as second bananas as they were little obstacle in the Cavaliers’ 119-101 win.

Knicks   fans ready for LeBron James

Meanwhile, let me remind again you that King James doesn’t become a free agent until July 2010 - that’s almost two full seasons from now. So expect the parade to be coming to your town very soon - perhaps he won’t be wearing special shoes dedicated to your city, but believe me, you’re going to get really sick of it very soon.

Also coming to your city is Ball State - provided that your city is Detroit, and not a place like Glendale, New Orleans, Miami or Pasadena where they have a BCS bowl game. The Cardinals took care of Western Michigan 45-22 to wrap up a perfect regular season and book a date in the MAC title game in the Motor City. So good for them, I guess.

Texas   player AJ Abrams

Meanwhile, there were some damned compelling college basketball games last night. Chief among them was Notre Dame hanging on to beat Texas 81-80 at the Maui Invitational, as A.J. Abrams’ desperation 60-footer at the buzzer hit the rim but missed. It sets up a meeting against No. 1 North Carolina for the eighth-ranked Fighting Irish and a chance for their fans to have something to celebrate in advance of their annual thrashing at the hands of USC this weekend.

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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served To The Right Guy

Plotting to take revenge on someone for making racist remarks by robbing them? Probably not what Martin Luther King Jr. would have recommended. But if that’s the route you’re going to go, at least make sure that you rob the right people. Otherwise, you just look sloppy. That’s the hard lesson that the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE is reporting that Cal fullback R.J. Garrett and former teammate Gary Doxy allegedly learned.

Gary Doxy and RJ Garrett

According to police (and nothing good comes after that phrase), the two had heard about racial slurs made by a white member of the Cal crew team to a black female student and friend. So their solution was to break into the guy’s dorm room and rob the place. Which might have served some bizarre form of comeuppance if they had in fact targeted the right person.

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Cal Stunningly Loses Game and Lunch in Maryland

College sophomores throwing up on a Saturday morning is not news, unless that college sophomore is vomiting on the 17 yard line after taking a brutal hit all while ESPN’s cameras are rolling and a national audience is watching.

Maryland Beats Cal

Attempting to receive a pass in the flat Jahvid Best, sophomore running back for #23 California, was flattened by Maryland defensive back Kevin Barnes. The clean shot on the unsuspecting Best caused the Cal Bear to lose whatever green stuff he had in his system. (Video via AWFUL ANNOUNCING after the jump.)

Best’s lunch wasn’t the only thing lost. The Terps, the same Terps that lost to Middle Tennessee State last week, beat the Golden Bears 35-27.

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Musberger-Approved Tree Cutting Starts At Cal

THE WIZ OF ODDS has news that is either amusing or disturbing, depending on your proclivity for games of hacky sack: Cal officials started cutting down a grove of oak trees this week to make room for expanded sports facilities for the Bears athletic teams. Somewhere, Treebeard weeps.

Cal trees

You might recall the a group of protesters condemned the plans, since trees are living creatures too, maaannn. In fact, one tree has yet to be cut down since there are several people squatting in them. You might remember Brent Musberger’s considered opinion on their activities from last year.

No? Good thing video is after the jump!

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Newest Allison Stokke Photos - She’s Still Golden

Last time we checked up on Allison Stokke, the pretty pole vaulter was reaching new heights as a Cal freshman, setting new records at Berkeley.

Allison Stokke Cal

(”Snack bar? It’s right over there.”)

Now thanks to the fine folks at MYCHILLPILL.NET, we have new snapshots of the Golden Bears’ golden babe in action. More photos after the jump.

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Allison Stokke Can Smile Back At You For Only $65

BUSTED COVERAGE has been on the scene with the latest news on Allison Stokke. First, they gave us pics of the pretty pole vaulter reaching new heights with the Cal track & field team. And now they tell us the Golden Bears are selling Stokke photos.

Allison Stokke pole vaulter Cal

GOLDEN BEAR SPORTS is offering shots of Stokke in a dazzling array of sizes & prices - from $7.99 wallets to 20″ x 30″ glossies for $65.

Sounds very familiar to an earlier sales pitch presented by a southern California newspaper. Read more…

Allison Stokke Golden For Cal Bears Pole Vaulting

We haven’t heard lately about Allison Stokke, the pretty pole vaulter who became an internet sensation, only to take steps to avoid the spotlight - by doing numerous interviews for newspapers and going on ESPN Radio.

Allison Stokke action shot

But now as a public service, BUSTED COVERAGE uncovers photographic proof of Allison’s latest adventures: Read more…

Mike & Mike Get In A Lather For Soap Opera Scene

Mike Golic & Mike Greenberg bust their acting chops in “Guiding Light“:

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic on Guiding Light

Wonder if they’ll bring Dana Jacobson along to the Daytime Emmys?

A-Rod is pumped at the thought of his daughters marrying Andy Pettitte.

Knicks teammates Zach Randolph & Nate Robinson exchange words - then some water & towels.

The Big Cactus needles Kareem & Wilt The Stilt about a lack of respect.

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Cal Cuts Off Supplies To Tree-Hugging Hippies

The University of California has had to deal with a contingent of tree-sitters in a grove of oak trees for years — the sitters are trying to keep the university from cutting them down in order to make way for new athletic facilities.  The CONTRA COSTA TIMES reports today that the school recently cut off some of the sitters’ supplies and mechanisms of getting food to each other.

Cal Tree Sitters

The rotating group of sitters known as “Save The Oaks” claims the trees cannot be replaced due to their age, even though the university has pledged to replace every tree cut down with three new ones.

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