Cal’s New White Helmet: Bears Out Of Their Tree?

Cal is considering outfitting its football team in white helmets for a game in 2011.

Cal's new white helmet

The helmet could be another color option for a program that has taken to mixing and matching jersey-pant combos in recent years.

Cal Golden Bears

One idea being kicked around is to have the Bears wear the helmet with their all-white road uniforms. Read more…

Video: Cal-Stanford Finish For KY High Schools

Friday Louisville-area high schools Butler and Pleasure Ridge Park played to a finish reminiscent of what some think is the most famous football play of all time.

Butler Miracle Comeback On Kickoff Against Pleasure Ridge

(Top: Pleasure Ridge coach, players thought ref whistled Butler player down)

Using a series of laterals much like California did to defeat Stanford on the final play of the game in 1982, Butler somehow scored as time expired in its game against Pleasure Ridge Park.

Remember the Stanford “band on the field” as the Cardinal yielded the game-winner to its PAC-10 rival? Friday’s Kentucky high school game finish had the same feel as Pleasure Ridge Park players left the bench  during Butler’s game-winning play - thinking they had already won the game.

But even after scoring with no time left, Butler actually did the Cal Bears one better. Read more…

Atlanta Falcon: Worst College Football Photo Ever

With it Cal-Stanford week, it should come as no surprise that Stanford has already fired the first volley. I was sent this photo of former Bear Thomas Decoud today by a Stanford alum. (I added the inset of Decoud as a Falcon.):

Thomas Decoud Cal Bears Photo

The photo is not manipulated or photoshopped.

In five years, Thomas Decoud will be …

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Unreal. Read more…

It’s Time For Another Allison Stokke Photo Update

You know, it’s been a while since we checked in with pretty polevaulter Allison Stokke, so let’s see how the cute Cal track & field star is doing.

Allison Stokke

My, how she’s grown in college. More pics after the jump.

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Video: Cal’s Jahvid Best Lands On Neck After Leap

Cal running back Jahvid Best made an ugly landing on his neck after an unbelievable leap over an Oregon State defender for a touchdown tonight.

Jahvid Best Injury Video Lands On His Neck

Best was attended to by doctors for a prolonged period on the field before being immobilized on a stretcher.

The AP reports:

Best’s helmet came off on impact. He vaulted into the air over safety Cameron Collins. Paramedics removed his jersey and Best was on oxygen when carted away.

Not a good sign. Hopefully oxygen is precautionary.

Video after the jump. Read more…

Media Blows Off Neuheisel to Watch Trojans Game

Another nice find by Jay Christensen at WIZ OF ODDS, as the DAILY BRUIN has this delightful moment involving UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel as he sat in front of the media following Cal’s 45-26 throttling of the Bruins last Saturday:

Rick Neuheisel USC Notre Dame GAme

At that moment UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel walked into the room, sunburned and exasperated after his team’s 45-26 defeat to rival Cal.

Almost no one moved. Necks remained craned toward the USC game until a frustrated Neuheisel spoke sharply.

“Would everyone like to watch the end of that ball game?” Neuheisel asked. “I am more than willing to wait.”

There was a hint of bitterness in Neuheisel’s voice, a slight sign of the wounded pride of UCLA football.

Get used to it Coach. Read more…

Cal Preps For UCLA Tilt With Seven-Hour Bus Ride

During the current recession, one of the main areas hit hardest have been lavish expenditures by large organizations - particularly, oh, athletic departments at major universities. They’ve been inured, however, to their current standards of luxury; familiarity and routine will do that. So cutbacks that you or I might take for granted, instead come as shocks to the system of a typical football coach.

Short Bus
(It could be worse; they could be using UCLA’s ride instead.)

Luckily, Jeff Tedford is a reasonable man.* He knows that no state’s hurting worse than California, and the budget shortfalls are hitting the state schools especially hard. And so off his Golden Bears will go this weekend, traveling down to Los Angeles for a game against UCLA, just like every other year. Except this time, it’ll be in a bus… and they’ll be lucky to get there in seven hours. Hope your iPods are charged!

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SbB@3: Let He Who Is Without Sin Throw 3 TDs

Some Web sites offer you “insider” information on which teams to put money on during the week’s big football games. But only Sports by Brooks has the ultimate insider: Jesus Christ. That’s right, each week Our Lord and Savior will descend from Heaven to offer His insight into the week’s top games. And with over 60 percent of all college and NFL players attributing their success to Him, no one is more qualified to pick winners.

jesus christ, sports handicapper

I know a lot of people wrote into me ( to give me grief for going 2-3 last weekend. To the people who doubt my wisdom, I can just say that this is a journey and not a short trip. Or as Proverbs 19:11 says, “A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.” So instead of asking how your picks did, we’ll just use our knowledge gleaned from last week’s games to make better picks.

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Cal Selling $225K PSLs To Prevent Quake Damage

Here at SPORTSbyBROOKS, we claim to be many things. Foremost amongst those things are sports fans, admirers of the female form, and chroniclers of the human condition. One position we have never claimed as our own is that of civil engineer and/or architect. That said, we here at SbB are pretty confident in saying that an earthquake fault line is a pretty freaking bad place to build a college football stadium.

Cal Dance Team

Unfortunately, SbB was not around 86 years ago to advise the University of California against building their football stadium directly atop the Hayward Fault line. Now the stadium is (surprise, surprise) crumbling away and, after exterminating the hippies from the premises, university officials have decided to bring the stadium up to modern earthquake-proofing standards. Guess who gets to pay for it? You guessed it - Cal’s ticket holders, loyal through decades of bad-to-mediocre football, will be footing the bill to the insane tune of up to $225,000…each.

Read more…

Iraq War Vet Makes His Case In Broncos Minicamp

For most undrafted free agents, minicamp tryouts can be the hardest and most stressful thing they’ve ever done. For Rulon Davis, who spent six months in Iraq, he might as well be playing a game of flag football with friends.

Rulon Davis

Davis was a two-year starter at defensive end at Cal, but what jumps out at you on his resume is his four years in the Marine Corps, including a tour of Iraq in 2004, the deadliest year for American forces. And though he returned safely, that doesn’t make him any less a hero than Pat Tillman.

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