New HS Insanity: “No Good Because We Said So”

This season, we’ve seen two new and unexpected ways for high school games to end on missed field goals. There was the “blocked field goal returned by the kicking team” and the “missed field goal so short the other team spikes it with totally disastrous consequences”. Suffice it to say, that’s about all the madness we can expect from game-ending field goals and oh god here we go again.

West vs. Edison Game-Winning(?) Field Goal Screencap
(Oh, just wait until you see the video.)

That’s a screenshot of a last-second field goal attempt by the Merrill F. West High Wolf Pack of Tracy, CA, against local rivals Edison High. Edison was protecting a 22-21 lead, but West’s Adam Crandall was sent out to kick a 35-yarder to win it. This being high school, Crandall’s kick of modest distance still hit the crossbar, but then apparently bounced over for the victory. Slight problem; as you can see above, the referee is ducking out of the way, and thus not watching the ball. You can probably guess what ensued.

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Taiwan Succumbs To U.S., Sweet Tooth In LLWS

In the end, Chinese Taipei met their doom in the Little League World Series the way that most vanquished teams do — due to Almond M&M’s. California kids know that you don’t pig out on tasty candy until after the game. But Taiwan was cocky, as we see below in this screencap from their dugout, and will pay for it tomorrow morning with nasty sugar hangovers.

Hey, we had to figure out a way to beat these guys, and planting enormous bags of candy in their dugout as as good a strategy as any (also works with Yankees on days that CC Sabathia is pitching). Chula Vista, California 6, Chinese Taipei 3. U.S. wins its fifth straight LLWS title. Read more…

Baseball Teams Play Game Using Ancient Gloves

One thing that we often forget when comparing the old days of baseball with the modern era is how much the basic equipment has changed over the years. I mean, if you’re playing third base and somebody hits a screamer right at you, would you want to be wearing this?

old baseball glove

Two baseball teams in California got that opportunity, though, when their coaches put together a game in which they played exclusively with vintage equipment, including old wooden bats and gloves that looked more weathered than Mickey Rourke. At first glance it might have appeared that the economy was really taking its toll on high school sports.

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Should Colleges Consider Dropping Women’s BB?

There have long been cries from various corners of the sports world that women’s basketball, despite heavy promotion and prominent media coverage, just doesn’t justify the hype because the quality of play is poor in comparison to the men’s game.

Long Beach State women's hoops

 (Her shot’s not the problem. It’s the empty seats in the background.)

Now, a columnist named Bob Keisser in Long Beach, CA, is suggesting that colleges may be better off if they got rid of women’s basketball altogether. But his argument has nothing to do with the game itself. He says that women’s hoops is the biggest financial drain on university athletic departments, and that schools would do better if they brought in programs in other women’s sports which don’t cost nearly as much.

Is he nuts? Judge for yourself after the jump.

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High School Coach Arrested For Tying Up Teenage Girls

CALIF. HS COACH TAKEN IN FOR TYING UP GIRLS AT HOME: A California high school coach has been banned from campus after allegations of tying up girls in his home:


The DAILY BREEZE reports that 51-year-old Torrance West coach Michael Anthony Smith was arrested on suspicions of false imprisonment, annoying children, and sexual battery.During separate occasions in the past year and a half, Smith allegedly tied up four girls between the ages of 13 to 17, “putting tape over their mouths, taping up their hands and feet, and handcuffing them.”

So far, police haven’t found any evidence of sexual activity between Smith and the girls. Authorities are also trying to determine if the girls were forced or had consented to take part in the tie-ups.

West High logo

Smith had worked at the school for nine years, serving as a ‘walk-on’ coach for the boys’ football, basketball and baseball teams. Now he looks to be serving jail time.

New England Patriots Clinch AFC East Title Already

PATS CLINCH AFC EAST; CALI NFL TEAMS 3-0 IN WEEK 12: There was a possible reason why New England had such a close call against the Eagles - the Patriots were too caught up with winning the AFC East:

Patriots Asante Samuel

Even before Tom Brady & crew hit the field Sunday night, the Pats clinched their division thanks to Buffalo’s loss against Jacksonville. And there’s still 5 weeks left in the season.Meanwhile, the Bills defeat meant the state of New York went winless in NFL action this holiday weekend. (The Jets lost to the Cowboys on Turkey Day, and the Giants were blown-out by the Vikings on Sunday).

Oakland Kansas City NFL

On the flip side, the state of California notched a 3-0 record for Week 12 (San Fran over Arizona in OT, Oakland over KC, San Diego over Baltimore).With the Jaguars’ win and Tampa Bay beating the Redskins, the Sunshine State could also reach the same undefeated mark, if Miami somehow beats Pittsburgh on Monday night.

But the biggest shocker of all must be Rex Grossman somehow leading the Bears to victory.