Cheerleader Dodges Death, Makes Calendar Cover

Back-to-back titles — so rare in the NFL, except if you’re Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Adriene B. The Ravens don’t give out full names of their cheerleaders (although Adriene was a cheerleader at South Carroll High and the University of Maryland, so any of you Cavaliers or Terrapins who know her might want to check in). Anyway, she made back-to-back covers of the Ravens’ cheerleader calendar, a great accomplishment indeed.

Adriene B Ravens cheerleader

But professional cheerleading is also fraught with danger. Aside from the clumsy groping of drunken fans and of course Joe Flacco’s scattershot passing accuracy, there’s also the terror of wild deer! Leaving her home home town of Mt. Airy, MD, to catch a flight for the calendar shoot in the Dominican Republic last year, she hit a deer, which went through her windshield.

(More pics after the jump - of Adriene, not the deer.)

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Nude Curling Calendar Still Selling Like Hot Rocks

Several years ago, a group of women curlers decided on a surefire way to gain attention for their sport: lots of flesh. They posed for a Women of Curling calendar which featured some of the more attractive broomers (or stone throwers or whatever they do) sans clothing. The calendar has become a yearly fundraiser for various charities, with the 2009 edition featuring some of the spiciest photos yet.

Women of Curling nude calendar cover

And the EDMONTON SUN says that- shockingly - calendars with hot women in various states of undress happen to be very popular. They report that this year’s calendar has sold about 2,000 copies since it was released in September, a very good number for a non-Olympic year.

(Photos of the curling cuties after the jump)

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Curl Up With A Nude ‘Women of Curling’ Calendar

Curling is one of those sports that grabs America’s attention only about once every four years. People watching the Winter Olympics usually come across it at 3 a.m. while flipping through CNBC or MSNBC. They tune in for a few minutes, laugh at the guys maniacally sweeping their brooms on the ice, and continue changing channels until they come across an infomercial for “Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts”.

Women of Curling nude

However, a group of women curlers want to guarantee that their sport is on the minds of male fans throughout the whole year - by offering a nude calendar featuring the finest of the female curling community.

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Bush Upset Over Leaked Kardashian Calendar Pics

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Jimmy Traina spent his evening last night watching the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” He was also nice enough to take the time to report on what happened at’s HOT CLICKS (gee, thanks):

Kim Kardashian Leaked Calendar Photos

Kim decided to make a calendar for Reggie Bush. Kim’s mom then decided to sell the calendar. Reggie got pissed that these risque calendars were on the market. Kim had to buy back all the calendars.

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Eagles Gals Saving The World One Bikini At A Time

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders have been such a great service to mankind, with their sideline dancing and lingerie calendars and such. And now, in addition to being providers of alluring entertainment, the Philly pom-pom girls are doing their part to save the environment.

Eagles cheerleaders in bikinis

WITH LEATHER sorts & separates the news that this year’s cheerleader bikini calendar is going to be eco-friendly - or as the Eagles prefer to put it, eco-sexy! (With more pics after the jump.)

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