Cal Stadium Tree-Sitter ‘Dumpster Muffin’: Victory!

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE (and Holly at EDSBS) has an update on the big stink between homeless tree-sitters and Cal officials who are trying to build a sports training facility next to Memorial Stadium.

Dumpster Muffin

(”Look, in the distance, a Flying J truckstop shower with your name on it!”)

UC Berkeley’s plan to build a state-of-the-art athletic training center next to Memorial Stadium is on hold until the university can prove the project would not violate state earthquake-safety laws, a judge ruled Wednesday.

University officials are ecstatic about the ruling, claiming they aren’t violating any of the safety laws - and that the project will now soon move forward. But advocates for the mountain trash tree-sitters are also claiming victory.

I actually hope the training center doesn’t get built. Since I’m a USC football fan and also hope to continue to read about these sort of exchanges involving “Dumpster Muffin“:

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