Lakers Win Due To No Goaltending Call On Gasol?

• The Lakers had a tougher time in Game 2, needing overtime to beat the Magic - and no goaltending calls on Courtney Lee’s final regulation shot.

Paul Gasol, Lakers

• Could Pacman Jones be wocka-wocka-walking back to the Cowboys?

Chad Johnson Ochocinco embraces his newfound “Mexican” heritage by already planning his 1st TD celebration - hanging a pinata on the goalpost & whacking it with an end zone pylon.

• Hope you Memphis Redbirds fans have fun tonight during Stubby Clapp Appreciation Night!

• Recently retired Rodney Harrison rants about how the NFL is turning soft & pansy-esque.

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Jilted ISU Fans Harass Wrestling Legend’s Family

Recall, if you will, the collective jaw of the sports world hitting the floor in April when Iowa State’s superhero, Cael Sanderson, decided to leave ISU for the relatively unheralded Penn State. While most of the wrestling world pointed and laughed at ISU, Cyclone fans were livid, and probably rightfully so.

Cael Sanderson Happy
(”Hey, let’s make this guy feel unwelcome. What could go wrong?”)

One tiny problem: he’s still in Ames as we speak, working on things like summer wrestling camps. And as the CEDAR RAPIDS GAZETTE notes, it’s probably not a good idea to give jilted fans multiple months to get their Glenn Close on, whether it’s to you, your wife, or your infant sonRead more…

ISU Icon Sanderson Disses Cyclones For Penn St.

In all of college wrestling history, there’s been exactly one person who’s ever gone his entire career without losing a single match: Cael Sanderson. The native Iowan, Iowa State alum, and Iowa State head coach is, quite simply, the face of Iowa State wrestling’s past, present, and future. He even made it onto a Wheaties Box–and that was before he won a gold medal in 2004. He is, in all likelihood, the most beloved son of Iowa (sorry, Tom Arnold and Ashton Kutcher).

Cael Sanderson box
(Yeah, that autographed box is probably a little less valuable in Iowa today than it was yesterday.)

Oh, did we accidentally use the present tense? Yeah, let’s just do a find/replace and toss in some “was”es instead, because, as KCCI reports, Sanderson just peaced out and went to Penn State. For an idea of how surreal a move this is, imagine if Phil Jackson left the Lakers and went to… well, hell, Penn State. And if you’re thinking, “Hey, Iowa State, didn’t they already choke away a coach under hilarious circumstances recently?”, yes, yes they did. Read more…