Should Media Make a Big Flap Over Phelps Photo?

• Have corporate sponsors successfully smokescreened the media over Michael Phelps’ marijuana mess?

michael phelps bong

Jim Fassel finally finds himself a football coaching job - if you count the UFL as a stable employer.

• Golfers & wait staff, beware! Tiger Woods is back & “better than ever“!

• Wonder where some of your taxpayer money is going? How about toward Santonio Holmes’ new $85,000 Cadillac Escalade?

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NFL Keeps Holmes’ MVP Caddy On The Down Low

It’s not quite the postgame classic that “I’m going to Disney World!” is, but across recent years, Cadillac has steadily made its delivery of the Super Bowl MVP’s Cadillac of his choice an annual staple, in both the Super Bowl and World Series. Well, this year the postgame car delivery service was conspicuously absent, and there may be a perfectly legitimate conspiracy theory behind it: GM just doesn’t want to be shown giving away free cars with the taxpayers’ bailout money.

cadillac toy escalade

(Cadillac may downgrade to toy Escalades for future MVPs.)

According to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Cadillac specifically asked not to be mentioned in postgame festivities or news conferences. And before you think this is all just a conspiracy theory, consider this: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell openly admits that Cadillac was left out of the post-event celebration because they wanted no part of it.

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