Baseball’s First Free Agent Retires From Coaching

Time to put on your trivia hats, readers (trivia hats? wtf). Who was the first free agent in major league history? The temptation is to say Curt Flood, since his name is on the official act that made free agency possible, but no. The correct answer is Andy Messersmith (duh, right?), a four-time All-Star in the ’60s and ’70s.

Andy Messersmith
(Take one part Kenny Powers and one part Jeffrey Lebowski… and chiiilllll.)

So why bring Messersmith up now? After all, if you people wanted semi-obscure trivia, you’d go over to Sporcle and take some quizzes. Turns out the old northpaw is finally saying goodbye to baseball, having just retired from Cabrillo CollegeRead more…