Reggie & Kimmy K. Getting Back Together Again?

Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian are gonna give love another chance.

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian

It’s gotta be the new hair!

• Those 38 wins by the Memphis Tigers two years ago? The NCAA declares that it never happened.

• That seems a bit harsh. Next thing you’ll tell me, giving cream cheese to athletes would be considered an NCAA violation.

Plaxico Burress pleads guilty to gun possession charge, will spend the next two seasons playing for the penal pigskin league.

• First Patrick Kane, and now Aqib Talib. Why do pro athletes hate cabbies so much?

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Athletes, Cab Drivers Enter Into Full-Fledged War

When news broke of Patrick Kane punching out that cabbie in Buffalo last weekend, we thought it was just an isolated incident, one young pup too chemically invested in the night to know enough right from wrong to refrain from raining fists down on an unsuspecting cab driver.

Aqib Talib

(Enraged by the color yellow?)

How wrong we were. Comes now that in sunny Tampa, where nothing ever goes wrong, the next salvo has been fired, and we can look at this as less of a feud and more of a burgeoning conflict, one that threatens to envelop our nation in perpetual conflict and violence. Goodbye, Crips and Bloods - hello, Cabs and Ballers.

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Patrick Kane Arrested For Buffalo Cabbie Assault

Chicago Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane has had quite a year. The precocious youngster scored his first hat trick, his rejuvenated team made it to the Western Conference Finals, and he scored the cover of EA Sports’ NHL 2010. All the pieces of athletic superstardom were coming into place for Kane, and he was poised to take the sports world by storm.

Patrick Kane

(This is the face of evil.)

There was only one problem - everyone knows that real superstars gotta have street cred and a rap sheet, and poor Buffalo-bred Patrick Kane had neither. What’s a young hockey player to do? A bar brawl was out of the question (Kane’s only 20), and killing people is only OK if you play in the NFL. Last night, though, Kane took the first step towards that much-coveted rap sheet by beating up a Buffalo cabbie and breaking his glasses over…wait for it…twenty whole cents. Baby steps, Patrick.

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Ole Miss BBall Coach Pleads Guilty in Assault Case

Last December, Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy was back in his old stomping grounds of Cincinnati, where he had previously taken over the Bearcats on an interim basis after Bob Huggins bugged out. And during his visit, Kennedy saw some old friends - and made new enemies, after he was arrested for cursing out & assaulting a cabbie.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss basketball coach

It became such a shocking & embarrassing story that Andy’s wife Kimber actually countersued the cabbie, claiming that the ordeal had taken its toll on the Kennedys’ sex life. Well, Mrs. K, get ready from some hot ‘n’ heavy conjugal cuddling with your hubby, as Andy has pleaded guilty in the case.

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