Speed Read: Posada Gets Yankees In Stupid Brawl

You might wonder why you see the occasional baseball fight during July or even August, but almost never in September. For a good reason why, ask Bill Lee. (Actually don’t, because you’ll probably get a two-hour lecture on pot. Or the evil of the DH. Or both.) Even though it happened in May of 1976, him separating his shoulder during a huge brawl between the Yankees and the Red Sox caused him to miss the majority of the season (and possibly ruined his career).

Yankees vs Blue Jays brawl

So the same reason last night’s fight between the Yankees and the Blue Jays was both so compelling and ridiculously stupid. Because they were throwing real punches - not just the usual preschool pushing of most big league fights - and big-name pitchers like Joba Chamberlain and C.C. Sabathia were right in the middle, just waiting for a Blue Jay with a grudge to rip up their multimillion dollar arms. A good rule of thumb: don’t get into fights with teams who are 13 games under .500 - they don’t really have much to lose. Read more…

CC Sabathia Can Hang With LeBron In New York

ESPN’s Buster Olney is the guy to go to for baseball knowledge, particularly when it has to do with that team that plays in pinstripes in the Bronx. Well, Olney branched out a little today, giving out the inside scoop that LeBron James just might be headed to New York in 2010. Alright, we know that you’ve read that one before … 10 times. What you haven’t heard is that CC Sabathia is more likely to seriously consider a move to the Yankees because he figures old buddy LeBron will be in town soon.


(The owner on the left wants to give CC more than $100 million.LeBron wants him to go to New York. Smart money’s on LeBron.)

That’s right, not only is LeBron a Yankees fan, his own presumed move to the Big Apple for marketing reasons might help land his favorite team their biggest offseason target. As Olney notes in his ESPN blog, James and Sabathia have hung out in New York together in the past, and their kinship was forged in being transcendent stars for two teams in the same city. Why not just transport the city, rather than wait for conditions to conspire to bring them back together again.

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Sorting Through The Baseball Playoff Situation

And so ends another baseball regular season (almost). A season that went down to the wire with a whole mess of games just finishing up that had playoff implications. In fact, let’s break down exactly what happened, and what will happen next.

Jim Mora Playoffs

(The playoff situation is still a bit unclear for Jim Mora)

In the National League, the last remaining spot was claimed by the Brewers in another amazing performance by C.C. Sabathia - can you just hand him the NL Cy Young yet? - pitching a 4-hit complete game, his rubber arm going 122 pitches. It’ll be the first appearance for the Brew Crew since 1982.

The Mets, meanwhile, continued their collapse by losing a home game to the Marlins 4-2, guaranteeing that, for the first time in God-knows-how-long, there will be no Fall baseball in the Big Apple. With everything now set, the Dodgers will travel to Chicago to take on the Cubs and the Brewers will head to Philadelphia to take on the Phillies. Both series start Wednesday.

The more complicated American League version of things after the jump:

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Sabathia, Bowden Share Some Foul (Smelling) Play

To paraphrase Tom Hanks in “A League of Their Own”, there’s no farting in baseball! Well, tell that to C.C. Sabathia & Jim Bowden.

C.C. Sabathia Jim Bowden farting fables

First, HOME RUN DERBY catches the Indians pitcher pooting in the dugout. You don’t hear any sound of the dirty deed (could have been an SBD – silent but deadly). But by the way C.C. is leaning & the face he makes, obviously something has passed along.

Video after the jump (fortunately not presented in Smell-O-Rama).

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Jimmy Rollins: Stylistic, Possible Cheapskate

The PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER talked to Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins and got a mouthful in a half hour, including his jewelry purchases and players with style.

Jimmy Rollins street clothes

“My jeweler said you don’t want to spend a lot of money on earrings. So anybody trying to get something for their wife or something, don’t spend a lot on the earrings because they’re just an accessory. You might as well get cubic zirconium.”

A born romantic, folks.

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ARod Ignores Negro Leagues Honor 5 Straight Yrs

The Negro Leagues Baseball Muesum’s Legacy Awards were recently announced, and Alex Rodriguez has once again been most-honored.

Negro Leagues Museum

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports “this year Rodriguez is the winner of a Josh Gibson home run award (his fifth) and an Oscar Charleston MVP award (his fourth). But he’s never been here to personally receive any of those honors.”

And, “A-Rod hasn’t confirmed he’s coming” this year, “But as of Wednesday, neither the Yankee slugger nor his representatives had said he isn’t.

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