Brad Miller’s Buzzer-Beater: Was It Off In Time?

Shame shame if you missed tonight’s Bulls-Nuggets game; it featured one of the closest game-ending calls in recent memory - certainly the closest of the young season. Quick recap to set the scene: Nuggets lead throughout the 4th quarter, only to see the Bulls make up a 7-point deficit late and tie the game at 89. Chauncey Billups gets the ball, gets fouled on the last shot by Kirk Hinrich (it was a good call, if not one that always gets called on the last play of the game), and goes to the line with under a second left. Hits the first, misses the second on purpose, Bulls get it and immediately call timeout. Clock runs out… but the officials put 0.3 seconds back on the clock! So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance! After the timeout, the Bulls inbound from their side of the court, get it to Brad Miller who gets the shot off as soon as he touches it, aaaaand….

Brad Miller Chicago Bulls Buzzer Beater
(…well? Good? No?)

The shot miraculously goes in, and the refs call it good. It’s a celebration, bitches! Naturally, they go to the sideline monitor to review the play, because wow. And they keep reviewing. And keep reviewing. And–look, I’m going to write that over and over until you have to read it for five minutes, because that’s how long it took before the referees called it no good and gave the win to the Nuggets. Video, courtesy of the always-clutch @jose3030, is after the break.

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Video: D-II Buzzer Beater Best Shot On Saturday

All due respect to Scottie Reynolds, but the biggest shot of March Madness just might have come a few hours earlier and 90 miles west yesterday. Findlay and Cal Poly Pomona were tied at 53 with 2.4 seconds left in OT of the Division II championship game in Springfield, Mass., when Findlay had one last chance on a inbound play from the baseline.

Findlay buzzer beater

And just to set the scene, Findlay came into the game at 35-0 and had been ranked #1 all year. Cal Poly was trying to become the first unranked team to win the D-II title in 30 years. Findlay got the ball inbound to senior Tyler Evans, who seemingly had nowhere to go and hadn’t made a shot all day. You know what’s happening next.

Video after the jump.

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How to Lose a 12-Point Football Lead in 5 Seconds

The Minnesota high school football season is headed toward the playoffs right now. And when you think of great states for high school football, you know, Minnesota’s where it’s at, right? For sure. Anyway,┬áSt. Paul Johnson led St. Paul Central 18-6 with five seconds to go Wednesday night. And as with all stories about large leads with small amounts of time to go, it all crashed down.

Terrible D

First, the Minutemen were on the Governors’ 36 with–wait, Minutemen? Governors? Is this Minnesota or Boston? Anyway, the (sigh) Minutemen scored on a bomb with five seconds to play, biffed the extra point, and you know what, let’s just go to the video after the break.

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Wizards’ Play-By-Play Caller Is An Excitable Fellow

Steve Buckhantz is an excitable guy. The Washington Wizards play-by-play man made another thrilling call that’s sure to be shown on SportsCenter highlights for hours to come.

During Monday night’s Wizard-Hornets game, Hilton Armstrong had just tied the game for New Orleans with 7.3 seconds remaining. With no time outs left, DeShawn Stevenson raced down the length of the court and tossed up the game-winning 3:

Or as Buckhantz bellowed - “DAGGER!!!

But it’s not the first time Steve had such a screaming fit at the final buzzer. Read more…