Sir Charles To Fix Golf Game Via Reality TV Show

This seems like an idea whose time is waaaaaay overdue: a reality show featuring Charles Barkley … and his golf swing. It makes too much sense not to happen. Barkley, Hall of Fame basketball player, inveterate gambler, and television analyst, is also an amateur golfer. And I can’t stress “amateur” enough (visual proof after the jump).

Charles Barkley and golf

The otherwise world-class athlete has a mental block when it comes to hitting a little white ball with a big titanium stick. So much so that Barkley thought it would be great fun to document the whole affair for television. Brilliant.

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John Daly Gets Dumped By Swing Coach Harmon

John Daly’s swing coach, the renowned golf instructor Butch Harmon, quit on the two-time major winner - questioning Daly’s level of commitment to the game.

John Daly Jon Gruden caddie

Daly replaced Harmon with…Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden? Read more…