Spurrier: Cocks Can’t Keep Up With James Bond

After South Carolina’s 21-3 win over Vanderbilt last Saturday, Gamecock coach Steve Spurrier said, “I apologize to Gamecock fans for such a putrid offensive performance.

Still at a loss on Tuesday, the Ol’ Bawl Coach® seemed to attribute his choppy Gamecock offense as much to opponent espionage as lacking in block & tackle.

When commenting at his weekly press conference in Columbia on South Carolina Tight End Rory “Buster” Anderson, Spurrier volunteered, “we’re working at hiding [offensive play] signals from the other team, there’s all kinds of things we’re trying to get better at.

Spurrier was then asked, “Have you seen some indication that [opponents] are stealing your signs?


“Oh sure, yeah sure. We haven’t done a very good job hiding our signals. So we had two guys signaling them last week. And of course we had Buster [Anderson] looking at the wrong signal man a couple times. [laughter] .. Stuff can happen so you just have to keep working on it.”

Spurrier was then asked, “Do [opponents] actively try to steal signals every game? Is that something you all do? Is that common practice?


“Well if the other guy just stands right out there and shows you his signals, sure its helpful. you have to always worry about that. And maybe we’ve not worried about it as much as we should have.”

Even I know that when “the other guy just stands right out there and shows you his signals” it can mean only one thing.

Pulling. Guard.

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