Men’s Wearhouse Staffing Issue Soon Alleviated

I’ve seen a lot of future limo drivers do sideline reporting in my day, but this guy is clearly among the best. At least whenever a major college game involves rollout bleachers. And reconditioned headsets gifted the school by ’70s-era Soviet cosmonauts.

Sideline Reporter Fail Video

If Jim Gray, doesn’t watch out, he’ll soon be out of a job!

Oh, wait.

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Charles Barkley Knows Why Auburn Hired Chizik

Ever since Auburn announced that it was hiring Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik to replace Tommy Tuberville as head coach of their football team, they haven’t been getting much love from the fan base. Sure, Chizik spent a few years as defensive coordinator at Auburn under Tuberville, and was also the defensive coordinator for the Texas Longhorns the year they won the BCS National Championship, but his 5-19 record at Iowa State isn’t exactly impressive.

Gene Chizik

The question most Tiger fans have had is why would the school get rid of Tuberville to hire a coach that’s barely won 25% of the games he’s coached? If he can’t turn Iowa State around in the Big 12, how is he supposed to restore Auburn to glory in the SEC? Well, while he doesn’t know the answers to those questions, former Auburn basketball player Charles Barkley is pretty sure he knows why the school chose Chizik over Buffalo’s Turner Gill.

Chizik is white.

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Kiffin Could Be In Orange - But SU or Tennessee?

Now that Lane Kiffin has been removed from the Raiders, there’s rampant speculation on where the former Oakland coach & USC coordinator might find employment.

Lane Kiffin Otto the Orange Syracuse

We mentioned earlier that Kiffin could end up sitting in the saddle at Syracuse, since Greg Robinson’s tenure is more or less at an end. (Getting no support from the school AD certainly doesn’t help, either. But would you support a team that gets zipped 42-28 by Akron at home?)

Now, new rumors are popping up that Kiffin could be donning an Orange shirt, but not in upstate New York. How does Knoxville sound instead?

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Buffalo Hoopster Not On All-Academic Team

The BUFFALO NEWS said that the University of Buffalo men’s basketball team suspended leading scorer Andy Robinson for the first three games of the regular season after he admitted to taking out a Facebook ad offering to pay someone to write a paper for him. So I guess we shouldn’t be looking for him on the all-MAC academic team this year?

O.G. Readmore

Although he might not be the strongest writer, let it be known that Robinson understands the value of bargaining. The ad said he would pay between $30 to $40 for a three-page paper on the book “There Are No Children Here” but he was willing to “pay even more money if you have to read the book a little more.” Robinson seems a little unclear on what “reading a book” means - you either have or haven’t read it. Somewhere, O.G. Readmore weeps between bites of Tender Vittles.

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