Rex Ryan Dad To Tony Dungy: Pipe Down, Buddy

Longtime NFL coach Buddy Ryan was quizzed today on Philadelphia radio about criticism Tony Dungy leveled at Ryan’s son Rex about the Jets Coach’s penchant for f-bombs on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Buddy and Rex Ryan

(Surprising tho, no calls for Dungy to get off Buddy’s lawn)

While needling Rex Ryan about his obscenity-laced presentation during the HBO program yesterday, Dungy also suggested that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tell the Jets coach to tone down the expletives during the show.

Here’s the transcript of Buddy Ryan’s comments today about Dungy on Vai Sikahema and John Gonzalez‘ show on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philly: Read more…

Brazilian Soccer Coach Punches Ref During Game

Woody Hayes. Buddy Ryan. The names have become synonymous with ridiculous outbursts in which the coaching idols drilled either opposing players or their own assistant coaches. Well, now they’ve both been upstaged by Pedro Santilli, the manager of Brazilian soccer club Comercial, who took out an opposing player and a ref on a single run out on to the field.

pedro santilli brazilian coach comercial

(Guess which one likes to punch refs? Here’s a hint: He has white hair.)

According to the soccer blog THE SPOILER, Santilli was upset with a call and wanted to inspire his team, which was facing relegation from Brazil’s top division with a loss. Unfortunately, when he grabbed a second ball and ran out on the pitch with it to try and show that his team deserved the ball, he also ran over a player from the opposing team, Catanduvense.  But that didn’t stop the former assistant coach of the Brazilian national team. No, instead he went right back over, picked his ball back up, walked up to referee Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (who had just ejected him) and drilled him with a nasty right uppercut.

That’s right, in one span of approximately 60 seconds, a coach ran over a player like a speed bump and punched a coach. That has to be some kind of land-speed record. Luckily, we have video of the incident after the break, so you can time it for yourself.

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Blog-A-Roni: Crazy Berman Videos Are Still Online

BOSTON SPORTZ blows off the Boys from Bristol, as those crazy, kooky Chris Berman videos are still alive online.

Chris Berman explodes on-set at ESPN

If Shaq’s going to use “The Big Cactus”, CNBC’s Darren Rovell would like his 15%, please.

THE OKLAHOMAN notes that Arkansas State’s basketball team seems to be hard up on Dickeys.

Crikey! WISN-TV in Milwaukee reports that the Aussie family who moved to Green Bay to follow the Packers are now back Down Under.

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Bob Costas Helps Us Pronounce Brett “F-A-V-R-E”

Mike Florio at PRO FOOTBALL TALK, which we probably check more on a daily basis than any other site out there, has a 1992 vid clip of “NBC LIVE!!!” It features Bob Costas, Buddy Ryan (someone check his glucose meter) and as Costas says, “as always, O.J. Simpson.”

The vid shows highlights of Brett Favre’s first major appearance with the Packers, as he led the team to a comeback win over the Bengals that day. From the postgame interview, looks like it was Skoal Bandits for Favre before he started dipping into the Vicodin.

We also enjoyed how Costas advises us on how to pronounced Favre’s last name: “By the way that is the way it’s pronounced, even though it’s spelled F-A-V-R-E.

Bob, how else would you pronounce it?