Sean Avery Hits The Town In a Sling And Wearing Nail Polish

NY RANGERS’ AVERY ANGRY OVER BUDDHA BAR BOUNCING: Even while on the injured list, New York Rangers ruffian Sean Avery still remains his personable, polite self:

Sean Avery punch

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS spotted the blue-tongued bully and his fellow Blueshirts out celebrating at the Bungalow 8 bar Saturday night after vetoing the Ottawa Senators.

Avery “showed up with a sling on one hand and black nail polish on the other.” He must have gotten into a pre-night fight with his manicurist.

But the Bungalow wasn’t the guys’ first choice for fun. Beforehand, the crew were banned by the bouncer from busting into the Buddha Bar. Avery took the rejection in stride, yellining, “F— this place! We’re never coming here again!

Buddha Bar

The Buddha bouncer reportedly told the teammates that he didn’t know or care who they were. Such as it is when your league is broadcast on Versus.