Defending The ‘63 Kansas City Chiefs? Impossible

Ange Coniglio of tips us off today to some awe-inspiring American Football League “Program Art” from the early 1960s.

AFL Program Art

The art is only a small part of an astounding sports image collection located at Mark Bolding’s website.

Bud Adams Lamar Hunt AFL Cartoon

Being from Kansas City, I was particularly interested in the cartoons that included the Chiefs.

1963 AFL Program Art: Chiefs vs Patriots

The Chiefs caricatures are wonderfully drawn but could never, ever be presented now as they were 50 years ago. Read more…

Week In Review: Bud Flips Bills The Double Bird

• Titans owner Bud Adams gives the Bills a double-finger salute - and gets fined $250,000 for it.

Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Flipping The Bird In Buffalo 11/15/09

• After Stanford’s stunning slaughter of ‘SC, Pete Carroll & Jim Harbaugh both want to know what the deal is. (And Pete won’t forget it.)

• But the real deal is Toby Gerhart. Just ask his swim team girlfriend, who says that the Cardinal RB is “one big muscle.”

• Speaking of girlfriends, Erin Dewes has been incorrectly labeled as Tim Tebow’s squeeze. But that’s not stopping her from covering her nude self in number 15’s body paint.

Zack Greinke is a real winner this week. Not only did the Royals pitcher grab the Cy Young award, he’s also tying the knot with former Miss Daytona Beach Emily Kuchar.

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Bud Adams Fined $250,000 For Double Bird Salute

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports this afternoon that Bud Adams was fined an astounding $250,000 for his double bird flip at the Buffalo Bills yesterday. (No word on the Dewars being padlocked next Sunday.)

Titans Owner Bud Adams Flips The Bird To Buffalo Bills At LP Stadium In Nashville

(How to turn two digits into six in less than 24 hours without Wall Street)

Goodell actually attended the same game with Adams, which had people wondering if the commissioner saw the owner’s gestures.

Though he was in Adams’ suite for a portion of the game, you won’t be surprised to find out that he didn’t. Read more…

Bud Adams Issues Apology For Obscene Gesture

Jim Wyatt of the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN brings us Bud Adams’ official, obligatory apology for his obscene gestures during the Titans-Bills game in Nashville yesterday.

Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Flipping The Bird In Buffalo 11/15/09

“I need to apologize for my actions yesterday near the end of the game. I got caught up in the excitement of a great day, but I do realize that those types of things shouldn’t happen. I need to specifically apologize to the Bills, their fans, our fans and the NFL. I obviously have a great deal of respect for Ralph Wilson and the history we have shared. I also understand there will probably be league discipline for my actions and I will accept those.”

The NFL should …

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I have one edit for Bud on his statement, he can delete “probably.”

But he should “probably” think about losing the booze in his luxury box.

Video: Titans Owner Bud Adams Flipping The Bird

*UPDATE*: We’ve added video of Bud Adams’ (double) bird flipping after the jump. After watching Adams in the clip, I’ll have what he’s having.

Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Flipping The Bird In Buffalo 11/15/09

(Bud Adams: Honoring legacy of Frank Wycheck in his own special way)

I think it’s also safe to assume now that Adams will be punished in some way by the NFL’s league office.

Jim Wyatt of the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN reports today that during the Tennessee Titans win over the Buffalo Bills at LP Field in Nashville, Titans Owner Bud Adams was excited. So excited that he made an obscene gesture in the direction of the Bills’ sideline.

Titans Owner Bud Adams Flips The Bird To Buffalo Bills At LP Stadium In Nashville

(Photo is an obscene gesture, so if you click through, you’ve been warned)

Wyatt: “The 86-year-old owner made an appearance on the sideline in the closing minutes, and even did a little dance as the Titans capped a 41–17 victory. Then he turned toward the Buffalo sideline and gave the Bills the middle finger. Make that two middle fingers — Adams was using both hands.”

Wyatt’s report references Adams’ gesture coming from the sidelines.

Should Bud Adams be fined, reprimanded by NFL for his double bird?

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This afternoon I received a photo of Adams also flipping the double bird, but from his luxury box - earlier in the same game.

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