NASCAR Considers Idea Of NFL-Style Blackouts?

I think we can all agree that one of the most asinine things in sports is the NFL’s TV blackout rule, which prevents a home game from being shown in that team’s local market unless the game is sold out. This is supposed to encourage people to go to the game instead of staying home to watch, but mostly it just alienates people who live 60 miles away and can’t make the trip and/or people who don’t have the $80 sitting around to pay for a ticket.

empty NASCAR track

(This race? BLACKED OUT!)

Now, the operator of eight NASCAR tracks is touting the idea as a way to fill the stands. Speedway Motorsports’ Bruton Smith has proposed this in response to weakening ticket sales. But instead of embracing the NFL’s concept, NASCAR is basically throwing Smith under the bus for suggesting it.

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NASCAR Owner’s Daughter Charged With DWI

New proof that the self-entitled daughters of wealthy sports owners shouldn’t be allowed in public with out official escorts: NASCAR owner Bruton Smith’s daughter, Anna Lisa (sounds about right for a NASCAR daughter, doesn’t it), has been charged with driving while impaired and driving with a revoked license, according to the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER. The charges stem from this horrific accident that occurred last week.

anna lisa smith

Of course, the immediate question is, “why was the daughter of an opulent NASCAR owner driving drunk in the first place?” Clearly, her father could have paid to have her chauffeured anywhere she wanted. Hell, he could have paid a NASCAR driver to take her anywhere she wanted. After all, this is a man who owns about half the tracks that NASCAR uses. If he gets pissed off and doesn’t want them to use his tracks, guess what? NASCAR isn’t racing.

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Suns, Rockets Getting Down & Dirty In The Desert

Barnes belts Rafer. Nash dashes in. Shaq shoves everyone. Things have certainly heated up between the Suns & Rockets.

Phoenix Suns Houston Rockets fight

• Maybe London isn’t so crazy about hosting the Olympics, after all.

• NASCAR honcho Bruton Smith could use some spare change - about a billion dollars’ worth.

Courtney Bryan: from NFL rosters to Arby’s roast beef.

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NASCAR Track Owner Pulling Into The Poorhouse

The country’s current economic woes are hitting one disadvantaged group the hardest - billionaire sports figures. We already know of the financial misfortune of T. Boone Pickens, the Oklahoma State Cowboys benefactor ready to pledge $165 million to his alma mater - had he not just lost a bundle in the market. But Boone can take some comfort knowing he’s not the only rich sports guy who’s having money problems.

Bruton Smith NASCAR track owner

(”Hey buddy, how ’bout a handout for a billionaire NASCAR owner who’s down on his luck?“)

NASCAR big wig Bruton Smith also appears to be on the fast track to the poorhouse. The speedway & auto retail owner has apparently taken a huge bath over Wall Street’s woes. How much money has Smith seen gone down the drain? It appears Bruton is out … ONE BILLION DOLLARS! (places pinky at corner of mouth)

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