Playboy Golf Outing Means Free Tasers for NFLers

• What’s a little Playboy Golf without some free Tasers for the NFL guests?

Playboy golf taster

• The Chicago Cubs get a little Captain in them with the opening of a new rum-fueled Wrigley Field eatery.

• Yankees say they have no seats left under $375 - but they’re lying!

• Are you an NFL team that wants to know more about the personal lives of potential draft picks? Why not create some fake Facebook accounts?

• Because of the ongoing U.S.-Iran trade embargo, Hamed Haddadi of the Memphis Grizzlies is short-changed from getting any endorsement deals.

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Rugby Foes Wear Same Color Uni’s During Game

Isn’t it embarrassing when you show up for an event and someone else is wearing the same thing? Well, such a fashion faux pas didn’t stop a couple of rugby teams from going forward with their game, as both squads knew that everything was gonna be all white.

rugby teams both wear white

Greg Growden of RUGBY HEAVEN tackles the tale of two teams, one color. When the Cheetahs of Bloemfontein, South Africa, hosted the Brumbies of Canberra, Australia, last Monday (Brumbies? What’s a Brumbie?), both teams came on the pitch wearing nearly-identical white jerseys.

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