Super Bowl Halftime Guru Is Out At NFL Network

The man in charge of the Super Bowl halftime show has departed his duties with the NFL and NFL Network to lead the NHL’s broadcast department.

Charles Coplin Leaves NFL Network To Go To NHL

Two independent sources told me today that former NFL Vice President of Programming Charles Coplin has voluntarily left the league and that his new position with the National Hockey League is considered a career promotion.

Coplin, who was initially hired as the NFL’s senior director of broadcasting in 2001, was also charged with overseeing the launch and operation of NFL Network beginning in 2003. Though his highest profile duty was as the NFL’s point man in booking and staging musical acts for the Super Bowl halftime show. Read more…

Warning: Matt Millen About To Appear On Your TV

I didn’t watch that much of NBC’s pre-game coverage of the Super Bowl yesterday because frankly, the two weeks of build up to the game was enough for me. I didn’t need another five hours of hearing about how nobody expected the Cardinals to be there, or how Ben Roethlisberger was nervous during his first trip to the Super Bowl against the Seahawks a few years ago. That and I didn’t want to hear Tiki Barber say things like the Cardinals “are a team of density”.

Matt Millen warning

I’m sure a lot of people in Detroit felt the same way, because everywhere they looked there were reminders of how bad the Detroit Lions suck. First of all, they were at a Super Bowl, something the Lions may not even know exists. Then there was Jerome Bettis, who is from Detroit and won a Super Bowl in Detroit, but not for the Lions. Oh, and then there was Matt Millen on the screen every few minutes pretending to know anything about football, when any Lions fan could tell you he clearly doesn’t. Dealing with Millen’s mug on the screen was probably more than any Lions fan could take, so thankfully Detroit’s NBC affiliate made sure to run a warning on the screen whenever he showed up.


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Springsteen Not Paid For Super Bowl Performance

Yesterday I told you what Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl setlist was going to be, and that the Steelers would win a close one over the Cardinals.

Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl performance

(Springsteen at Super Bowl was free, but upcoming stadium shows? Not-so-much)

Now I’ve learned that the stunning performance by Springsteen at the Big Bowl came on the cheap. Make that very cheap. Read more…

Exclusive Advance: Bruce Springsteen SB Setlist

I’ve learned the Bruce Springsteen halftime setlist in advance - from a very well-placed source.

Bruce Springsteen Walmart

If you don’t want to know, don’t click here. Read more…

Erin Andrews Responds To Rankled Rutgers Fans

People in New Jersey have never been shy about sharing their feelings with others, usually going on about how Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are the greatest things to happen to music since, well, ever. So clearly, though they have no problem expressing themselves, they aren’t the smartest people in the country.

Still, it’s hard to blame the good people of New Jersey for being upset when they found out that Rob Stone was going to be working the sidelines of yesterday’s game between Rutgers and Fresno State instead of the lovely Erin Andrews. After all, I’m guessing about 50-60% of the males in attendance only bought tickets to the game because they were under the impression that Andrews would be working the sidelines. Those fans weren’t alone in their frustration either, as even Erin took the time to write Stone a letter about the whole thing. A letter Rob shared on the air.

Video of Rob’s reading after the jump.

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Jenna Jameson To Enjoy MMA-Made Motherhood

Jenna Jameson happily announces that she’ll soon deliver a new li’l Tito (or Titoette) Ortiz into the world.

Jenna Jameson blowing kiss

(DVD obsolescence would be good for her adolescent)

• Did Tony La Russa stop Bruce Springstreen from stepping on the St. Louis stage on time?

• The FBI is looking into Lindsey Hunter’s involvement in some shady suburban housing shenanigans.

• NBC notes nothing about a gold medal-winning Aussie diver’s alternative lifestyle.

• The LPGA demands that all their players learn to speak English good.

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Did La Russa Delay Springsteen’s St. Louis Show?

Bruce Springsteen, man. Regardless of whether you actually enjoy his music — and most people seem to — you can’t deny that he’s an utterly American institution, someone fashioned from that classic American mold: tireless traveler, boundless patriot, vengeful member of the disillusioned. To see a Springsteen concert, or so I’ve heard, is to experience all of those things simultaneously for like ten hours.

Bruce Springsteen Tony La Russa

If so, the recent Springsteen show in St. Louis probably lasted until six in the morning. After a late 9 p.m. start, fans were wondering why Bruce would delay the start time so long. Turns out his friend, Tony La Russa, may be to blame.

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Brog: Kidd To Give Gold To Casino Owner’s Wife?

Dan Bickley has some very weird news today out of Beijing. The ARIZONA REPUBLIC columnist (via AZ SPORTS HUB) reports that Jason Kidd told him he will give his (sure) Gold Medal away to the wife of a Vegas casino owner.

Jason Kidd Joumanna Kid

(Joumana Be Kiddin’ Me!)

More specifically, Elaine Wynn. She’s the wife of billionaire Vegas casino developer Steve Wynn.

Now, if this were Charles Barkley, I think we’d all know the reason why. With Kidd, it’s going to hard to pin down.

So does Kidd own the Wynns money? Is Mrs. Wynn the sufferer of a terminal disease? Is Kidd paying off a debt incurred by some NBA Wives Charity event? No, no and no (apparently). Read more…

Perturbed Packers Fans Cook Up A Fun Favre-B-Q

• Some Packers fans feeling burned by Brett decided to hold a Favre-B-Q.

Brett Favre is burning

• The Spanish Olympic basketball team poses for a photo mocking Chinese people. Wonder if they apologized by saying, “Me so solly!”

Bruce Springsteen may be doing the E Street Shuffle all the way to Tampa to perform in this year’s Super Bowl.

Michael Vick could have post-prison employment waiting for him with Mark Cuban’s startup football league.

• Swimmer Jason Lezak helps Michael Phelps (oh, and the U.S., too) capture another gold medal, all while silencing those French taunters.

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Springsteen To Strum At This Year’s Super Bowl?

Bruce Springsteen will be jammin’ at Raymond James this February, as the veteran rocker will supposedly headline this season’s Super Bowl halftime show down in Tampa.

Bruce Springsteen

The NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX reports that Springsteen & his E Street Band will provide entertainment for the NFL masses gathered in west central Florida next winter for Super Bowl XLIII.

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