Coach Accused Of Calling Black Players ‘Monkeys’

Christopher D. Kirkpatrick of the TOLEDO BLADE reports that Whitmer High School head basketball coach Bruce Smith, who is white, has recently been accused of making racially abusive statements to players on the Whitmer basketball squad.

Bruce Smith accused of racism Toledo High School Basketball Coach

According to the complaints and interviews, the coach has referred to some black players as “monkeys” and racially segregated the team on several occasions for practice drills, telling multiracial students they’d have to choose which side to play on.

Mr. Smith has called his accusers a “lynch mob“, but as part of a school investigation he did admit in a June 7 letter to a Washington Schools superintendent that he had referred to his players as “monkeys” and divided up the team by race during practice.

In the June 7 letter to his boss, Mr. Smith described a single incident when he called his players “monkeys,” simply because one of them was hanging on the rim, he said.

In the letter, Mr. Smith admits separating players by various categories, including by race, for “free-throw shooting challenges at the end of practice.”

He wrote: “In the past they have been split by race and it has never been a problem. In fact, we have found that it has been fun for the players - never has it been biased or unfair or demeaning in any way.”

After Smith’s admission, he, “received a verbal reprimand and was told not to separate the players by race, said Nancy Brenton, director of human resources for Washington Local Schools.

So Smith was investigated by the school and received a reprimand. Case closed.

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Bruce Smith Tries ‘Old Injury’ Defense in DUI Case

Back in May, we reported that Bruce Smith had earned his third DUI arrest in 12 years. We use the term “earn” loosely; he wasn’t dragging mailboxes and chain-link fences behind his car or enjoying a boozeaccino for the road or anything. But 73 in a 55? That, sir, was a large mistake.

bruce smith mug shot
(Even retired and in police custody, I feel like he’s going to drop me for a loss if I pick up a football.)

You’ll also recall that Smith refused a Breathalyzer test on the scene, which isn’t much of a good idea. Ah, but it was part of a larger plan, you see. With that, Smith had an “out”: his unsteadiness on one foot was just a matter of poor knee health from his long NFL career! And the bleary eyes? That’s just the concussions talking. Surely a reasonable judge would agree, yes?

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Bruce Smith Still Likes His Booze, Gets 3rd DUI

Note to athletes in Virginia: Do not drink and drive for six consecutive years. If you do, you’ll get caught at least once. Just take Bruce Smith: After getting nailed in both 1997 and 2003, Smith was caught behind his wheel drunk as a skunk again on Thursday in Virginia Beach.

bruce smith mug shot

(We got the strong Smith mug shot from the boys over at TBL)

Not only was Smith driving under the influence, he was speeding like a bandit, too. There’s no way that he’ll get out of the speeding ticket, and his refusal to take a breathalyzer or a DUI test means that he’s tacitly admitting guilt to DUI, unless his attorney has a really good card up his sleeve.

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For The Discerning ‘Skins Fan: See-Through Shirt

There’s a reason Dan Snyder’s worth a trillion dollars: He’s willing to try anything if there’s a chance he’ll earn a few bucks. Sure, there have been plenty of misses: Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Marty Schottenheimer, Norv Turner, Steve Spurrier, Brandon Lloyd, Adam Archuleta, Six Flags, Cruise/Wagner Productions … well, you get the idea.

Reskins camisol

But Danny’s latest venture is a can’t-miss in much the same way that hiring a basement-dwelling blogger for just screams mainstream innovation: See-through shirts for the uninhibited fan.

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