Metrodome Sex Gal Claims to Have Been Drugged

Lois Feldman, the unwitting star of the Metrodome sex scandal, says she may have been slipped a mickey before making bathroom whoopee.

Lois Feldman Photo Sex Metrodome Bathroom Stall With Ross Walsh Photo

• We kick up some video of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks.

• Boston baseball fans can now rest in piece the Red Sox way.

• For only $149, you, too, can get a head start on which sport to over-pressure your kids to be good at.

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Video: Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong w/Nunchucks

I’d say we’re all a little footballed out. After a week in which half of the games were decided by more than two touchdowns, and the ones that weren’t included the Browns-Colts and Bills-Niners crapfests, I think it’s time for a sport in which the winning side is guaranteed to put up 21 points: table-tennis.

Bruce Lee

Before you go deleting your bookmarks, I found the one thing that can possibly make table tennis cool. After mastering the ancient Chinese art of asskickery, Bruce Lee mastered the ancient Chinese art of ping pong. And because playing with a paddle would be unfair to any mortal opponents, Lee plays the game with nunchucks. Yep, there’s video, and yep, you’ll want to click through. (Enter the dragon, after the jump.)

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Soccer Fan Doesn’t Want Gandhi Statue In Town

UNPROFESSIONAL FOUL gives a heads up of potential trouble brewing in the English city of Leicester. A local charity wants to build a statue of Mahamta Gandhi, in recognition of the city’s growing Asian population - and presumably, as UF attests, it’s “phenomenal” Indian food.

Gandhi Gary Lineker

However, one local soccer fan is against the idea. Instead, he suggests putting up a statue honoring former national football star & potato chip spokesman Gary Lineker. Read more…

UW Kids Kung Fu Fighting For Bruce Lee Statue

A group of University of Washington students are working towards getting an on-campus statue built for one of their biggest athletic heroes - Bruce Lee:

Bruce Lee Statue

(Photo found by fine folks at FARK)

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that efforts are being made to honor the kung fu movie star with his own memorial, to be featured alongside other such figures as George Washington and William Shakespeare.

So far, the group says they’ve collected over 1,000 signatures in support - including most members of the Huskies men’s & women’s basketball teams.

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