Kim Kardashian & Clan Feuding with Neon Deion

Kim Kardashian dates a football player. (Nominally, anyway. That’s a lot of fumbles for 3.7 yards per rush, Reggie.) Deion Sanders used to be a football player. (And a baseball player. And didn’t he bobsled or something? Ice was somehow involved.)

Kim Kardashian and family

And with that tenuous thread, we have what the nation needs most during these trying times: the newest contestants on “Celebrity Family Feud” this summer. Kim will play with her KKK sisters (Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney) and her mother. Also joining them will be a misshapen lump of clay that used to be Bruce Jenner, her stepfather.
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Wedding Bells Soon To Ring For Reggie & Kim K.?

With all the hullabaloo over Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson’s near-breakup & reported reconciliation, we’ve neglected to keep recent tabs on the NFL’s other gossip-powered couple - Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush

Thankfully, LARRY BROWN SPORTS doesn’t let us fall too far behind, as the Saints RB and L.A.’s booty queen could soon be strutting down the aisle together - at least according to Kimmy: Read more…

Bruce Jenner Featured In Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians

BRUCE JENNER THE FEATURED CELEB AT THE NEXT DINAH? In our never-ending search for sexual ambiguity in sports, we struck gold today: MEN WHO LOOK LIKE OLD LESBIANS. One of your featured entries, Olympic decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner:

Bruce Jenner

And upon searching far and wide, we scared up our own:

Lesbians Pat Summitt Lou Holtz Billie Jean King

OK, we’ll keep looking. (via BOTSWANA MEAT COMMISSION)