NZ Olympic Hopeful Opens Brothel To Raise Cash

Say you’re a promising athlete, who’s got nothing but a dollar and a dream. You want to go to the Olympics, but you simply can’t afford the equipment, the training, the travel. If this were a Disney movie, you’d set up a lemonade stand. If you’re Logan Campbell, you’d open up a whorehouse.


The New Zealand taekwondo athlete is hoping to go to the 2012 games in London, but it’s quite expensive and the country’s taekwondo federation is running low on funds too. So Campbell and a friend have started their own brothel in Auckland with the hope of raising $300,000, one client at a time.

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In Recession, Brothels Are Becoming Golf Shops

As economies around the world sink slowly into the toilet, there’s a number of strange but true stories that emerge as people try to find new ways to make a decent living. Well, believe it or not, prostitution isn’t immune to the downturn, either, and longtime “working girls” are having to convert brothels to more utilitarian stores. Like golf shops.

Sexy golf edited

(No, no sex please. Just a driver and four iron. Thanks.)

Yes, you did read that last sentence correctly. According to this article in the Australian newspaper THE AGE, a number of new stores are popping up in areas that have always been red light districts across Europe. With income for the prostitution centers down a full one-fifth from previous years in the traditionally prostitution-heavy Czech city of Dubi — hey, they had to open an orphanage for all the unwanted accidental children of prostitutes — brothel owners are converting their stores to restaurants and golf shops.

Why golf shops? Well, when you think of it, golf clubs and stripper poles are both long and made of metal. And maybe the mattresses could be stood up and used as cushioning for a testing range for drivers, right?

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Group Hopes To Establish Legal Brothel in Vancouver For 2010 Winter Olympics

VANCOUVER GROUP WANTS BROTHEL BY 2010 OLYMPICS: As Vancouver gets ready for the 2010 Winter Olympics, there’s one vital matter they haven’t prepared for - prostitutes:

2010 Olympics red light district

The VANCOUVER SUN reports that a group of working girls want to establish a legal brothel by the time the world descends on the Canadian City for the games.The B.C. Coalition of Experiential Communities believes establishing a legal brothel would be a safer alternative for streetwalkers hoping to cash in on the influx of worldly & horny visitors.

A similar sex situation faced Germany during the 2006 World Cup. Although the country legalized prostitution in 2002, there were still concerns about the volume and safety of sexcapades during the tournament.

The BCCEC hopes to get the okay from the government “to permit the first brothel on an experimental basis.”

Brothel worker prostitute

We’re sure there won’t be a shortage of volunteers for that experiment.