Brooke Hundley’s Advice For Succeeding In Media

By now you’re quite familiar with Brooke Hundley, the wacky gal with the Steve Phillips fixation who went all Kathy Bates in “Misery” on us today (and there but for the grace of God go you, David Letterman). Here’s another Hundley fun fact: In 2007 she wrote to the dean of communications at her alma mater, Ithaca College, to give advice on media networking. That advice is both fun and revealing.

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips

Included in the letter are several tips on getting ahead in the business, which she picked up at the International Radio and Television Society’s annual minority career workshop and job fair. The dean, Diane Gayeski, posted Hundley’s letter on her blog. When read in the light of current events, they are not only hilarious, but leak irony from every vowel.

Excerpts from Hundley’s letter following the jump. Read more…