Jon Gruden Has A Rich History Of Ripping ESPN

It was troubling when ESPN assimilated Bobby Knight last year, but one thought buoyed my spirits through those dark and troubling times: At least the Worldwide Leader will never get Jon Gruden. The (now former) Tampa Bay Bucs coach would never turn to the dark side; he despises everything that ESPN stands for. How wrong I was (shakes head sadly).

Jon Gruden

Fame is a cruel mistress, and if you’re not careful, you can find yourself becoming the thing you hate most. Gruden may think that we’ve forgotten his little skirmishes with ESPN in the past, but no, the Intertubes never forget. Chucky’s history with the WWL has been tempestuous at best, and I’ve got the quotes to prove it. Shall we begin? Read more…

The Cubs’ Other Effen Curse: Dick Stockton

It’s a bad week to be a Cubs fan. As we noted today, Dutch Vodka maker “Effen” is publicly acknowledging the teams’ lengthy World Series futility with “cheeky” billboards titled “Break. Effen. Curse.” In doing so they’ve dashed the see no evil, speak no evil hear no evil mentality some Cubs fans have towards the streak.

We hate to pile on but there’s another malevolent force working against the Cubs this year: broadcaster Dick Stockton. Rumors and Rants fills us in on the heartbreak.

Being a Fox national game of the week — but not THE game of the week — it was none other than Dick Stockton in the booth. And after Saturday’s loss, the Cubs dropped to 0-3 in games called by Stockton this season. At least if my memory serves me correctly.

According to my charts, that gives the Cubs a six-game losing streak in games announced by Stockton.

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