Cheerleader Can’t Sue Teammate For Dropping Her

Is cheerleading a sport? That’s a question that usually comes up in the context of “how manly do you think sports are,” which usually comes up in the context of “why yes, I would love a ninth beer, how did you know?” But today, it was a question with a considerable amount of money riding on the answer–and not just because some guys made a sizable wager after nine beers.

All Or Nothing
(In retrospect, America should not have been adopting foreign policy strategy from straight-to-DVD cheerleading movies.)

That’s because Brittany Noffke, a former student at Holmen High School in Wisconsin, got dropped on her head onto a tile floor in 2004, and has been trying to sue her teammate, the school district, and their insurer for damages. And yes, when you get dropped onto your own skull, there are damages. But the Wisconsin Supreme Court just declared her lawsuits void, and their reasoning is a little jarring: Read more…