Brits: Good Tea, Bad Teeth, Suck At Basketball

When your country hosts the Olympics, it’s good to provide competitors for each event. But this can also provide problems for the host country when it comes to team sports that the hosts aren’t particularly adept at. When Athens hosted the Summer Games in 2004, Greece had to put together an Olympic baseball team - which they did with mostly Greek-Americans. And when Nagano hosted the Winter Games in 1998, Japan had to assemble an Olympic ice hockey team - which they did with mostly Japanese-Canadians.

Luol Deng Great Britain eligible

(Luol Deng certainly is)

Now that London will be hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics, the United Kingdom faces the same dilemma. Oh, they’ll do just fine in soccer, and they won’t have to worry about fielding baseball or softball teams, since neither is an Olympic sport anymore. But there is the still the matter of an Olympic basketball team.

And like Greece & Japan, Great Britain is turning their eyes toward North America in hopes of filling their national roster.

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