Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Expecting Child

We’re still about two months away from the start of pre-season football in the NFL, and I’m sure there are millions of Patriots fans who can’t wait for the chance to see how Tom Brady has recovered from a knee injury that robbed him of the 2008 season and kept the Patriots out of the playoffs. Then there are people like me who don’t care about the Patriots at all but are wondering about Brady’s health for no reason other than his fantasy football prospects.

Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen

Now how much Brady himself is looking forward to training camp, I don’t know. Yeah, he’s probably anxious to get back on a football field to try and win another Super Bowl, but at the same time the man did just get married to Gisele Bundchen not too long ago. I mean, would you rather spend 8 hours a day in a film room with Bill Belichick or in bed with Gisele? Though if Tom’s history has taught us anything it’s that he’s going to be leaving the house now that Bundchen is reportedly pregnant.

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Gisele To Marry Tom, Probably For A Green Card

Gisele Bündchen is about to become Gisele Buttchin. This is the obligatory Tom-Brady-popping-the-question post, because we are a sports blog and I suppose this is news in the sports world. But trust me, no one feels dirtier about this TMZ-esque gossip than me. Maybe we can salvage it with a few pics of Gisele?

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

According to the aforementioned TMZ, Brady proposed to Bündchen on a private jet flying from romantic Teterboro, N.J. On board were four dozen white roses, champagne, and Gisele’s parents, which is actually fairly creepy. A marriage proposal counts as pretty good foreplay, but her parents’ presence probably puts a damper on any mile high club shenanigans. (Promised Gisele pics after the jump.)

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Gisele Bundchen Will Be The Death Of Tom Brady

As New England Patriots fans ponder their existence without Tom Brady, they’re looking for someone to place the blame on for Brady’s torn ACL. Obviously, the popular target of blame is Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard. Pollard is the one who knocked Brady out, but the NFL has already said there was nothing dirty about the hit. So if Patriots fans can’t blame Pollard, who can they blame?

Yep, it’s all Gisele Bundchen’s fault. Why ever since she came into Tommy’s life, things have just started going downhill for the golden boy.

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Blog-A-Roni: Tom Brady’s Baby Mama Sexes It Up

• THE SUPERFICIAL presents photogenic proof of Tom Brady’s baby mama Bridget Moynahan sexing it up for single parenthood.

Bridget Moynahan sexy single mom

• FOOD COURT LUNCH dribbles over video of Chris Bosh spending his offseason as a NBA Finals correspondent for Jay Leno.

• The DALLAS MORNING NEWS tees off on Tony Romo trying to tame Torrey Pines with Justin Timberlake, Matt Lauer, and a Golf Digest contest winner with inoperable lung cancer.

• UNCOACHED raises their hand ’cause they’re sure about their choices for the NBA’s sweatiest players.

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Blog-Some: Kevin’s Faulked With Marijuana Arrest

• WITH LEATHER isn’t so high on Kevin Faulk, as the Pats RB got busted for being buzzed on the Bayou.

Kevin Faulk

• You know LL Cool J? (Emmitt Smith doesn’t.) Well, ODENIZED says hello to SYOLL Cool J: Sixty-Year-Old Ladies Love Cool Joakim.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK wonders if kicker Olindo Mare was cut by the Saints for failing a physical - or for failing to take a pay cut?

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Blog-A-Roni: Brady’s Baby Mama Walks Out Of SB

• What was Tom Brady’s baby mama doing during the Super Bowl? PAGE SIX discovers Bridget Moynahan was taking little John Edward Thomas out for a walk around the neighborhood.

Tom Brady Bridget Moynahan baby walk

• WITH LEATHER learns, through the magic of video editing, what Chris Berman really thinks of Emmitt Smith.

• PAUL KATCHER marches in with a look at the Giants’ Super Bowl victory parade.

• You can’t be serious! John McEnroe invites you to take the 10-Day All Bran challenge (Gas-X next up for J-Mac?!)

John McEnroe All-Bran

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Recap: Reggie Bush, Packers Bikini Babes Bugged

It’s been a bothersome day at SbB:

Reggie Bush bellows that he hates the paparazzi.

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush christmas shopping

Rick Majerus’ views on abortion annoy his employers.

Mark Cuban disses Deadspin about past published photos.

• The Packers Bikini Girls aren’t amused by some online comments.

Packers Bikini Girls

Albert Pujols is p.o.’ed at a St. Louis TV station.

Bridget Moynahan mask is made for bugging Brady.

Moynahan Mask Meant To Bug Brady Like Romo

A New York radio station isn’t hiding their feelings about Tom Brady, as they offer up this Bridget Moynahan mask.

New York Giants Bridget Moynahan Mask

Q104.3 FM is giving Giants fans the chance to psyche out the New England QB by wearing masks of his ex-girlfriend and baby’s mama. The masks are available for download and printout at the station’s website.

The ploy is obviously a redux of the Jessica Simpson mask prodded out earlier this season in an attempt to ruin Tony Romo’s night against Carolina. Will such a similar scheme work?

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Tom Brady Inspires Bridget To Lose Baby Weight

Tom Brady is an inspiration to many - whether he’s leading his NFL team to a 14-0 record, or following supermodels to their dressing rooms.

Tom Brady Bridget Moynahan baby

And it appears he’s also an inspiration for his baby’s mama to get back into shape.

The NATIONAL LEDGER weighs in on Bridget Moynahan and her post-birth diet. The actress and ex-Brady gal pal reportedly lost 80% of the weight she gained while carrying the seed of the Pats QB. After the arrival of young John Edward Thomas, Bridget managed to melt away the unslightly pounds within a month - mostly by avoiding sugar.

One of Bridget’s friends said the weight loss wasn’t just a health issue, but a matter of revenge: “She wanted Tom to see what he was missing.”

Gisele Bundchen

Based on Tom’s current taste in whisper-thin women, he doesn’t have a lot to miss.

Tom Brady Visits His Son Over Bye Week Weekend

TOM BRADY SAYS HELLO TO BABY DURING PATS’ BYE WEEK: Tom Brady might make a good father figure, after all:

Tom Brady Bridget Moynahan baby

I’M NOT OBSESSED delivers news that the Pats QB spent some of his bye week with his 3-month-old son out in L.A. Brady told a radio station he even changed some diapers during his stay.We wonder if mom Bridget Moynahan gave little John Edward Thomas a huge feast of refried beans and cabbage, just before Tom did his paternal Pampering duties.

Matt Leinart Movies

It would be interesting to see what parenting tips Brady traded with fellow NFL QB Matt Leinart.