ESPN Confirms Satellite Radio Still In Business

Caller pretending to be the Eagles’ Brian Westbrook last night pranked ESPN SportsCenter.

Flomax’s guerrilla marketing is getting a little ridiculous.

Philly Loses, But Brian Westbrook Just Hit Jackpot

Okay, so today wasn’t the best day for the Eagles. Sure, Kevin Kolb was surprisingly decent in relief of Donovan McNabb - up until giving up a 97 yard TAINT to Darren Sharper to finish the game -going 31-51 for 391 yards and 2 TDs. But Drew Brees is the best quarterback in the NFL right now, and he absolutely scorched the Eagles defense, rendering all offensive effort wasted for Philly. And though Brian Westbrook had a pedestrian 64 yards from scrimmage, he is eligible to take home one hell of a prize.

Cougars Love Brian Westbrook
(Image courtesy of THE 700 LEVEL. Rowr.)

HELLO! The woman holding the sign seems a little ehh, but on the right? Thumbs up indeed, ma’am, and if you’ve also got a thing for bloggers with receding hairlines… call me.

As for the rest of the early games, the NFL is weird. Read more…

Eagles Slay Vikings, Keep Improbable Run Going

Hey, remember when Donovan McNabb went from the laughingstock of the NFL after admitting not knowing the rules of overtime to the Eagles’ bench - replaced by Kevin Kolb! - after a horrible first half against the Ravens. And when Andy Reid was practically a dead man walking in Philadelphia, with the only questions being who would replace him and where he would eventually land.

Kendra Wilkinson, fiance of Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett

(Kendra Wilkinson, fiance of Eagles WR Hank Baskett, enjoyed the win)

Well, who is laughing now? (Actually, I still am about the overtime tie thing, because that’s still ridiculous.) At the least, the Vikings have to deal with the realization that they lost to a team quarterbacked by a guy who doesn’t know the basic rules of football, after the Eagles marched into Minnesota and promptly manhandled the Vikings in a 26-14 victory.

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Hef Needs You To Follow The Bouncing Bras Balls

• Playboy is looking for one lucky college writer to cover the Final Four.

Erika Eleniak Playboy basketball cover

Candidates must be able to find girls with a great set of Gonzagas.

• Some NFL squads can learn a lot from the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders.

• Being fat, drunk, stupid and a Lions fan is no way to go through life, son.

• Abracadabra! Eddie Jordan disappears as Wizards coach.

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Much Like Economy, Westbrook Strapped For A$$

After the benching of Donovan McNabb yesterday, the Eagles are a team in turmoil. Yesterday against Balto, the club lost said quarterback and the game 36-7 - and running back Brian Westbrook nearly lost his pants:

Brian Westbrook pulled down by jock strap against Ravens

(Clay Aiken: Big fan of strapping jocks?)

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