Time To Get “Back To The Banjos” For NASCAR

The last two years, NASCAR’s TV ratings have plummeted and general interest in the sport has seemingly ebbed. And now NASCAR officials are starting to think that all the changes the circuit has been making has something to do with the negative flow.


Ripping races out of traditional markets, the confusing Cup chase thingee and the “Car of Tomorrow” have the sons of the south feeling confused and disenfranchised. And they’re making their feelings known by turning off the set and not attending race. So in a panic, NASCAR officials have dropped talk of more *innovations*, and are focusing on recapturing their core audience.

ESPN.com’s David Newton has a piece on the strategy this week and a great quote from Humpy Wheeler, who runs the Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte.

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NASCAR’s Race Problems Seen In Black & White

NASCAR is facing a new race dilemma - which has nothing to do with track conditions.

Jimmie Johnson Jeff Gordon cars

The CONDE NAST PORTFOLIO drives up news of the racing circuit’s attempt to bring in more minority fans, which only comprises about 18% of their total fan base. The efforts come as ticket sales and TV ratings are starting to trail off after recent years of surging business.

However, NASCAR also has concerns that such moves could alienate its strong, southern (i.e. redneck) support. Aspiring driver Marc Davis, who’s African-American, remembers an episode about 2 years ago during a race in Hickory, NC.

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