Bob Knight Might Still Make Return To Coaching

It’s been about eight and a half months since Bob Knight wandered away from his post at Texas Tech, but the sports world is still in the throes of withdrawal. We miss the man. We need the man. We want him back so much.

Bob Knight finger pistols

Well, Knight is back. Not back back, of course, but giving interviews is a start, right? In an interview airing tonight on Indianapolis’ WFYI, Knight talked with an old friend of his for an hour in front of 500 fans. We’re assuming they’re fans, since the event was taped a month ago and we never heard anything about protestors or projectile tomatoes or anything. Anyway, while the interviewer thought broaching the topic of post-Knight Indiana basketball “wouldn’t have been fair,” there was a lot of reminiscing–and a bit of talk about the future, too:

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