Eagles Sack Employee Over Angry Facebook Note

Apparently, the Philadelphia Eagles organization is trying to one-up their fans for the title of “Worst People in the World (Non-Soccer Hooligan Division).” Not only did they cold-heartedly let Brian Dawkins leave for the Denver Broncos despite his apparent desire to finish his career with the team, but now they are bringing down their wrath on anyone who dares to question the decision.

Dan Leone

Witness the case of Dan Leone. The lifelong Eagles fan finally achieved his dream of working for the team when Lincoln Financial Field opened up a few years ago. But the PHILADELPHIA INQURIER says that one moment of anger at the team for letting Dawkins go has led to his immediate termination. His crime? Putting this message on his Facebook account:

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Jessica Simpson Is Talking Smack To Eagles Fans

Remember last season when Tony Romo’s girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, showed up at a Dallas Cowboys game against the Philadelphia Eagles? Fox kept showing her on television over and over again as she watched her man have one of his worst games of the season, completing only 13 of 36 passes and throwing three interceptions. The Cowboys went on to lose to the Iggles 10-6.

Well, apparently showing up to the games to distract her boyfriend just isn’t enough for Jessica anymore. Now she’s decided that sitting quietly in the seats isn’t going to cut it, and Jess has started talking smack to upcoming Cowboys opponents.

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