Ex-NHLer Zezel Close to Death From Rare Disease

Sad news out of Toronto today. Ex-NHL star Peter Zezel has been taken off of life support, as he will apparently succumb to a rare blood disorder that has plagued him for years. Zezel, only 44 years old, nearly died of hemolytic anemia in 2001 but recovered. This time, he’s not going to be so lucky.

Peter Zezel

Zezel scored 219 NHL goals, and was instrumental in helping the Flyers reach the Stanley Cup Finals in 1985 (as a 19-year-old) and 1987. He also played a key role for the Maple Leafs when they reached the conference finals in 1993 and 1994. Zezel famously retired from the NHL in 1999 when Canucks GM Brian Burke refused to trade him to an Eastern Conference team so he could be closer to his niece, who was dying of cancer. Burke shipped Zezel to Anaheim instead, prompting his retirement and setting off a ton of negative publicity toward Burke and the Canucks, who were not contenders at the time.

I’m sure all this is making Burke feel good about the way he treated Zezel.

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Maple Leafs GM Burke Tries To Sue Fake Twitterer

You might remember earlier this year, when we helped highlight the budding career of Twitterer Brian Burke, who — even then — you could tell wasn’t the real Brian Burke, who happens to be the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Well, it turns out that Burke noticed his fake self’s Twitter account, too, and he was none too pleased about the jokes it made at the expense of Burke’s predecessor, John Ferguson. How upset was he? So much so that he had his lawyer look into suing the impersonator.

brian burke

(The man who would sue a blogger named Down Goes Brown.)

According to TORONTO STAR hockey columnist Damien Cox, Burke had his lawyer explore a lawsuit last month, discovering that the man producing the brianbuke feed is a Toronto-area blogger who posts under the name of Down Goes Brown. but a suit wasn’t deemed appropriate. Instead, Burke expected the account to simply be brought down, which, thanks to the power of the internet, it wasn’t. Instead, goold ‘ol twitter.com/brianburke is still up and tweeting, now with the modest admission “Yes, it’s a parody” in the bio space.

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Leafs’ “Burke” On Twitter: Last GM Was Retarded

Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke arrived from Anaheim with a mandate: Make Toronto a winner at all costs, or get the heck out of town. Well, Burke is trying to transform the Maple Leafs, and he’s doing it while maintaining a remarkable amount of transparency, at least if the Twitterer named “Brian Burke” is actually the Leafs GM himself.

brian burke maple leafs
I already answered that in a “tweet”.

If that is the case, then this TWITTER feed is pretty amazing, as YAHOO!’s PUCK DADDY BLOG first discovered. In a span of just a few weeks — “BrianBurke” started shooting up “tweets” on Jan. 26 — Burke has had some gems. And of all the one-liners, none beats this one: “No, seriously, was the last full-time GM retarded or something?”

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Blog-A-Roni: Femme Fatales of the Tour de France

• SPORTS CRACKLE POP cycles up some good reasons to pay attention to this year’s Tour de France - all the lovely ladies lining the route.

Tour de France girl

• Meanwhile, EDDIEBEAR suggests this fellow try out for next year’s Tour, if only for the hilarity that will surely ensue.

Kobe Bryant & Joey Gathright must be proud: THE 700 LEVEL jumps at the chance to show this Philadelphia Soul Arena Football player getting some elevation over the opposing kicker.

• The FORT WORTH STAR TELEGRAM fishes up news that golf stud Tony Romo took a tumble into a pond & had to be rescued by Jeremy Roenick.

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