BlogJam: OSU Better with Bedazzler than Football

  • BUSTED COVERAGE has photographic evidence that there are plenty of OSU fans who are quietly returning to Columbus today.

OSU Fans Bedazzler Bra

  • INGAMENOW rates the “Best Beards in Sports.” Shockingly, Brady Quinn’s girlfriend was not including.
  • FANHOUSE informs us that Fox’s experiment with “Team Oriented Analysts” looks to have been scrapped before it started.Brian Billick has been doing a lot more Redskins stuff than he should under the rules.”
  • ESPN wouldn’t assign Purdue alum Bob Griese to a Purdue game, would they? Okay, but he wouldn’t wave the flag or anything like that? Right. (Video via BRAHSOME after the jump.)

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Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama: Help a Bald Brother Out

• Okay, so it’s not sports-related, but we rather insist.  (And thanks to RIDING WITH RICKY.)

• We’d be more concerned about the Dolphins unwittingly giving up their secrets to the Jets, but… come ON.  They’re the Dolphins.  Here’s the secret: they’re mammals but they live in the water.  Freaky, right?  And people pay to slip on a wetsuit and pet that.  Double freaky, right?  (Maybe we wouldn’t feel that way if we were INSIDE THE DOLPHINS.)

Brian Billick will now blog.  We hope he finds some way to bring his snarky and condescending attitude smoothly to the genteel world of web logging, as represented by the ladies and gentlemen of DEUCE OF DAVENPORT.  Tea time!
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Billick Bounced From Baltimore After Bad Season

Quote Brian Billick’s employment with the Ravens, “Nevermore.”

Brian Billick

The BALTIMORE SUN reports that the head coach was fired on Monday, a day after the Birds completed a disappointing 5-11 season. The Ravens had finished their year with a win over the Steelers, but not before losing 9 in a row - including an OT loss to Miami that gave the Dolphins their only win of the season.

Just a month earlier, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti had give Billick a vote of confidence, blaming the team’s losses on numerous injuries and questionable QB play. But the Ravens’ rotten play since must have left a bad taste in Bisciotti’s mouth. On Brian’s recent booting, Steve said, “I just changed my mind.”

Billick is the second Ravens coach in 3 days to leave the team, as offensive coordinator Rick Neuheisel took the UCLA job on Saturday. Maybe Ricky can hook up his old pal with a position at Westwood. It might be worth the gamble.

Randy Moss Asks Bill Belichick For A Little Love On Their Bodies

PATS’ MOSS ASKING FOR ‘A LITTLE LOVE ON OUR BODIES’: Lots of love for and around New England these days (especially from the Worldwide Leader). First, Rodney Harrison gets sweet smooches from Ravens coach (and former “Match Game” contestant) Brian Billick:

Brian Billick Match Game

Now, BOSTONIST brings up this questionable quote from Randy Moss about taskmaster Bill Belichick:”Hopefully, Coach can let up on us a little bit, and give us a little love on our bodies.”

Randy Moss Patriots

Hmmm. Maybe if Gillette Stadium was located in the San Fernando Valley.Good thing Dick Williams doesn’t still work for the Red Sox.

Pats Stay Perfect, To Chagrin of ‘72 Dolphins

PATS STAY PERFECT, MUCH TO DISPLEASURE OF OLD FISH: Don Shula was less than a minute away from popping the champagne, but New England kept a cork in it, as Brady & the boys bested Baltimore 27-24 on Monday Night:

Belichick stealing signs

The Patriots now move to 12-0, and are only 4 games away from clinching the first undefeated regular season in the NFL since Shula’s 1972 Dolphins.How badly do the old Finsters want to keep the record to themselves? Shula took a seat in the Monday Night Football booth for several minutes, and spent his time rooting for the Ravens.

Mercury Morris Hair transplant

And CONSTRUDA notes that Mercury Morris is still pissed about the Pats possibility for perfection. When asked before Monday night’s game if he would welcome New England to ‘72 Dolphins status, Morris replied, “No. Hey, listen, a husband always needs a wife.”As for the actual on-field play, there was no love lost between the two AFC foes - or was there? AWFUL ANNOUNCING found Ravens coach Brian Billick blowing smooches to Pats safety Rodney Harrison:

Nice to see such bitter rivals kiss and make up.