Blogger Ejected From College Baseball Game

BLOGGER BLATANTLY BOOTED FROM BASEBALL PRESS BOX: A reporter for the LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL was ejected from the press box of a college baseball game - for blogging:

Louisville blogging

Brian Bennett was covering Louisville’s 20-2 triumph over Oklahoma State on Sunday, when during the 5th inning, an NCAA representative took his press credential and asked him to leave.

Although Bennett had no problems blogging during the previous regional in Columbia, Missouri - even adding he saw “at least three other media representatives doing the same” - the NCAA apparently decided to tighten their grip.

Press Box No Trespassing

A memo passed around on Friday stated that any “live representation” of the games was not permitted by those who didn’t have the broadcast rights. It continued, “Since blogs are considered a live representation of the game, any blog that has action photos or game reports, including play-by-play, scores or any in-game updates, is specifically prohibited.”

Courier Journal bill of rights

However, the Courier-Journal isn’t backing down, claiming Bennett’s banishment was stepping on First Amendment rights. C-J attorney John Fleischaker stated, “Once a player hits a home run, that’s a fact. It’s on TV, everybody sees it. They (the NCAA) can’t copyright that fact. The blog wasn’t a simulcast or a recreation of the game. It was an analysis“.