Sidney Crosby Keeps Picking Ugly, Unfair Fights

Sidney Crosby is a punk? Don’t scoff, he’s really acting like it over the past couple of weeks. With the Penguins mired in a catastrophic losing skid, Crosby picked his second fight against an unsuspecting victim in two weeks, and his moves this time around were just as lowbrow as they were the first time. Poor Panthers center Brett McLean never saw Crosby coming.

sidney crosby jumps brett mclean
(Beware of the Sid The Kid sneak attack!)

According to FANHOUSE, and readily verified by the video after the jump, Crosby attacked McLean after a draw, a move which followed a squared-off bout between Maxime Talbot and Gregory Campbell moments earlier. Yet unlike the Talbot-Campbell fight, McLean never got a chance to get ready for Crosby, let alone accept the fight.

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