Rock Of Love Hockey Hoochie Pops Her Implant?

If, like me, you have some level of self-esteem, you haven’t been watching “Rock of Love Bus” on VH1. The involves a bunch of…let’s just call them “women of questionable morals”…riding on a tour bus with ex-Poison singer Bret Michaels to compete for his affection. Since this is the third season of the “Rock of Love” series, and the first two winners clearly didn’t make a love connection with the long-haired, leathery Michaels, it makes you wonder why these women think they are going to be the one.

Rock of Love Hoochie Pops Her Implants During Hockey Scene

So it might be easy if to miss if something incredible, mind-blowingly awesome were to happen on the show. Like, for example, if one of the bimbos on the show were to fall face first on the ice during a hockey challenge, and then need medical attention because she was afraid she had, in her own words, “popper her frickin’ implant.” Fortunately, WRAP AROUND CURL is there to capture all of the saline popping action (and thanks to PUCK DADDY for catching it).

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Clemens Down To Selling Stuff To Pay Lawyers?

PAGE SIX today has a dubious claim today that Roger Clemens is down to selling his possessions to cover legal fees - as he goes forward with a defamation suit against Brian McNamee.

Roger Clemens Rusty Hardin Rockets game

(No Roge, a gross of Brats won’t suffice for the deposition) 

ROGER Clemens has to pay those mounting legal bills somehow. The former Yankee ace, now awaiting word from Congress on his steroid scandal, has sold his Bentley to “Rock of Love” star Bret Michaels. “Bret is a big fan of Roger’s and the car is fabulous,” said an insider. “Clemens is apparently selling his lavish goods to pay his legal fees.

Could that tip have come from Michaels’ publicist, desperate to push his client onto the pages of the NYP’s gossip site? Unless Clemens has been enlisting the services of Ed McMahon’s estate planner, I can’t imagine that the former pitcher is down to his last.