Not Again! Photo Of New Buckeye At Tattoo Parlor

As Brent Musburger said in the ESPN SMU documentary Pony Exce$$, “once the local media turns on you .. you are finished.”

As the Columbus media was last to the party, its pile-on since Tressel’s resignation may soon confirm that corollary.

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Namath’s Inebriant-Free Super Bowl III Wingman

I’d never seen the famous Joe Namath pre-Super Bowl III poolside photo uncropped, but John Walters of AOL Fanhouse has a link to the shot today:

Brent Musburger With Joe Namath at Super Bowl III poolside

(”Joe, I wanna kiss you”)

That’s Brent Musburger on the left, apparently getting set to take two for the team. Or go ref an MLS Game.

Rainbow-Wigged Fan Now Serving Life In Prison

MENTAL FLOSS has a reminder today of the most notorious fan in history, the guy we always used to see wearing the rainbow wig and toting a “John 3:16″ inside our teevee. The gent’s name is Rollen Stewart, and his tale isn’t all that interesting, but it’s Saturday and we’re not much into the Meineke Car Care Bowl (Free Jim Grobe!), so indulge us.

Rollen Stewart Rainbow Wigged Fan

During the ’70s and ’80s Stewart was all over the national television sports broadcasts, so much so that NBC Sports threatened to fire directors who showed him. Brent Musburger told ESPN that directors in TV trucks would “threaten to kill him” when they saw him appearing in shots.

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