Mark Ingram Seems To Think Prison Is Optional

Former NFL wide receiver Mark Ingram had a pretty successful professional football career. In 10 seasons playing for the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers, and Philadelphia Eagles, Ingram caught 265 passes for 3,926 yards and 26 touchdowns. The biggest achievement of his career was probably helping the Giants win Super Bowl XXV against the Buffalo Bills. Still, despite Mark’s pretty solid NFL career, football was never really his passion. No, what Mark really cares about is breaking the law.

Back in 2001, Mark was sentenced to six months in prison after getting caught with $3,290 in counterfeit cash, and followed that achievement up with a 1-year sentence after stealing a credit card from a golf course in Michigan back in 2004. Then in August 2007, there was an arrest warrant issued for Ingram after he allegedly broke into a building and stole a purse containing cash and credit cards. Of course, Mark’s greatest accomplishment was the 92-month sentence he received for bank fraud and money laundering in September of this year.

He was supposed to start serving that sentence in Kentucky yesterday, but there was one small problem - Ingram never showed up to prison.

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College Hockey Player Busted Thanks To His Mom

Going on a drunken run through someone’s home seems to be a staple, but if you’re going to do it, it’s probably best not to call anyone using the victim’s cell phone. Thanks to Mallory Rubin at SI CAMPUS CLICKS, we are directed to BLUE CHIP SUSPECT, which has the news of a Dartmouth College hockey player’s efforts in avoiding the police.

Adam Estoclet

Adam Estoclet would have had a better chance of escaping an underage drinking/drunk in public arrest if he hadn’t decided it was a great idea to break into a home and use the phone, never mind whom he wound up calling.

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