Mexico, Uruguay Play Hoops, Throw A Few Chairs

I don’t know why basketball fights tend to differ so dramatically from those in other sports; like baseball, where everyone just gets into a comfortable clinch; soccer, where the players simply run away, or football, where it seems no one really fights at all. Unless you play at Miami. In basketball, for some reason, they fight for real.

Mexico Uruguay basketbrawl

Uruguay is a tiny nation, but they’re feisty. And Mexico is Mexico, with a fine tradition of tempestuousness and midget wrestling. So when tensions flared at the 2009 FIBA Americas Tournament between the two, you knew it would be nasty. And it’s the third major brawl between international basketball teams in the past month. Video following the jump. Read more…

Handshake Lines Coming To College Football?

Back in the days of Little League, no matter how bad-blooded the games were (usually not very), at the end of the game, we always shook hands with the opposing team. And without fail, there was always one jackass who would spit on his hand before hitting the line. That usually engendered more hostility than anything that happened in the game itself. Or, more succinctly: handshake lines are not necessarily promises of civility.

Handshake Line
(Care to bet this’ll end well… every single time?)

We bring this topic up not because we like talking about random things we did in fourth grade*, but because coaches in the NCAA are discussing - among myriad other topics - instituting the handshake line before games in college football. This can’t end well, right?

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