Yeah, Brett, We Get It - You Like Shooting Things

• What’s more hilarious than showing up at practice and noticing that Brett Favre has put a dead animal in your locker? Reportedly it was a wild turkey, but usually when dead things end up stuffed in lockers in New Jersey, it’s not something to laugh about.

Brett Favre hunting

Ozzie Guillen is in love with a certain team on the south side…of the country.

Misty May-Treanor can win gold medals running around on a beach, but she can’t physically keep up in a competition that still includes Cloris Leachman. So now the well-endowed lawyer’s daughter is back in.

Vladimir Putin released a DVD to teach you about Judo. Next in the series of world leader instructional DVDs: Robert Mugabe’s ground-breaking series of curling lessons.

• Even Frank Caliendo has had enough of the Frank TV ads. And he’s the star of the show.

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Brandon Backe Assaults Cop’s Fist With Own Face

Oh, weddings. Celebrations of life, love, joy, and peace. Wait, what was that last one I wrote? Did I say peace? Because I meant DEATHFIGHTS AND RAGE AND HEY THERE’S THE POLICE LET’S FIGHT THEM.

Pitching Slap Fight Between Coco Crisp and James Shields -- Defaced

And by “I,” of course, I mean Astros pitcher Brandon Backe, whose season stats now include 9 wins, 14 losses, a 6.05 ERA, and one ruined/awesome wedding.

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Blog Jam: Eagle Fans’ Arms Better Than McNabb

Pre-Game Fight Fires Up Pujols, Belts 2 Homers

Albert Pujols had been pretty quiet this season, only going 2-for-14 & having his Opening Day home run washed out from the stat books. But the St. Louis slugger finally spoke up Wednesday night, hitting his first two official homers of the year in a 6-4 win over the Astros.

Albert Pujols Brandon Backe

So, what finally go Pujols out of his slump? He may have been fired up from a pre-game confrontation with a Houston pitcher.

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